Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bargain Huntress.

You all know I love a bargain more than the next wanna-be-fashionista and fall/winter really brings it out in me. I don't believe in store credit cards, which I've probably shared is a direct result of my taking the Dave Ramsey course a few years back BUT I have to say I'm a huge supporter of stores who are not issuing rewards debit cards and Nordstrom is the one that got my vote. I signed up for the Nordstrom debit card, which comes directly out of my normal checking account but I still get points as if I had their credit card - cha-ching. This way I'm never tempted to spend money I don't have BUT I still get rewarded for being a more than faithful Nordie Rack shopper.

Since the Tampa Nordstrom Rack is just around the corner I peruse the sale racks fairly regularly, hunting for buried (clearanced) treasure. This week I found this fabulous jacket market down from 158 to 38 AND thanks for my Nordstrom debit card, I had $20 in 'Nordstrom Notes'...so for $18 I got a jacket I can't wait to wear in North Carolina this week.

Please excuse the makeup-less face cell phone photo, I will try to be more prepared in the future.

Anyone participating in Black Friday this year? I have a few friends that make this a tradition and I admire them but as for me and my house? We don't fight crowds an early hours in the cold. We watch the pre-black-friday specials online and strike while the irons hot and sans tent, hot choco, and crowds. This year I diligently hunted for a petite TV for my bedroom. I'm not a huge TV watcher but since my roomie moved in, in May, the idea of having a second TV in the house, in my bedroom started to appeal.

So I present you, my new darling...

Don't ask what's on the TV, there was a commercial on at the time, ok? And that weird glow on the wall is because my accent wall (located directly behind is magenta. But I had to show you my first ever Black Friday purchase. : ]




Jamie said...

That jacket is adorable!

Allyson and Dave said...

Love the jacket!! Store credit cards are bad. But I love my Macy's card. Seriously...I never buy anything there without that card or a coupon. And I am mad at the many years I shopped at Macy's without it and all the money I wasted. But I pay it off everytime I use it. 30% interest rate...no thank you!

Jess... said...

LOVE that jacket! The color is fantastic!!

I don't go out super early on Black Friday but I do usually venture out at sometime during that day. I do some shopping online to skip fighting the crowds & then like to go out and people watch the crowds that I avoided while shopping on the computer. Haha

Becca Christensen said...

So glad the jacket is a hit amongst my blog friends! Woot.

Jess - I love that idea! Get you a starbucks and people watch away! I would bet I'll get plenty of that from the airport this weekend. Blah.