Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Creating Space - 2012.


In 2010 I shared all that I learned from my church's 'Creating Space' series and the steps I would take to create space in my own life. Well, 2011 came and went with purposeful busyness that has accomplished many new goals and while I'm thankful for that, I realize that it's time to revisit creating space as 2012 is quickly approaching.

While I'm not one for new years resolutions I do find that the new year lends itself to reevaluating where you're spending your time and how you're using your resources. What needs the boot in 2012 to create space for new opportunities? What good things can go so God things can come?

I hope to find a quiet spot over Thanksgiving to really start muscling through these areas so that I can streamline and begin this new year with purpose and poise. Anyone else worried that if they aren't intention this holiday season will leave them exhausted and uninspired? I want to use the time I get off work and out of town to regroup and redouble my efforts towards my long term goals/five year plan.

Anything getting the boot in your lives for the coming year? Anything you want to create more space for? Any advice you want to give me for 2012?


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