Saturday, November 5, 2011

Happy Saturday.

As you read this I'm off hunting through other people's craftiness at the Junior League Holiday Gift event at the Fair Grounds. So, happy Saturday to you and happy hunting to me.

I believe I shared last year that I wanted a tradition with my best friend when it came to Christmas. The chances that we'll get to spend Christmas together are pretty slim with our families living in different places and our lives seeming to keep us a few thousand miles away. So, for now, we settled on exchanging Christmas ornaments every year. Last year I gave her a starfish painted to look like santa claus with my name and the year on the back. Today I'm off hunting for her Christmas 2011 ornament (maybe I'll post a pic after I give it to her) - I thought the JL fair would be a great place to find a unique one.

She gives me one too but as I may have previously confessed I've never actually had a tree in my grown up life. For now, I spend Christmas with my parents every year (and one or both of my sisters depending)and they have a tree so I've never felt the need to have my own. I hate the idea of storing Christmas decor all year to use it for a month. I guess I could take Tara's route and leave it up year round to make it worthwhile?

I've been toying with the idea of a small fake tree though - maybe buying one after the holidays this year for next year? (I'm cheap, this much you know).

I did hit up the Nordstrom Semi-annual sale this week and at regular Nordstrom all I bought was this fabulously comfy tee:

We in Tampa are lucky enough to have a Nordstrom Rack as well - and I bought an additional two shirts on clearance there. I've been trying to build up my 'tops' wardrobe. It seems like every time I have anywhere to go I reach for a dress as my go to outfit. But the weather may someday decide to cool off a bit here AND sometimes a girl wants to wear jeans and sit with her knees apart, you know? So for those such occasions said girl needed some shirts.

Yesterday I wore my new White House Black Market jeans for the first time. I snagged them on clearance during my outlet mall trip with the girl last weekend for $20! I got several compliments on them, especially the slightly ornate booty pockets I was feeling self concious about. I usually pick very plain pocketed jeans.

I know this is the season for buying gifts but I have to say -I save up a little for myself this time of year as well. When I'm out snagging fabulous gifts and nifty prices, I want to have room to splurge on a few things for myself as well. $20 jeans and $12 shirts are in all the time, in my mind.

Anyone doing black friday this year? I don't get up early for anything that involves a crowd, but I am hoping to snag a small TV for my bedroom during the pre-black-friday-online-deals. Arguably, cheaters do sometimes prosper. Just saying.



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Jess... said...

Happy hunting today! I love the idea of trading Christmas ornaments each year. AND I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'VE NEVER HAD A TREE (in your "grown up" life). I wait all year to buy my Christmas tree! Haha. I can't wait to start decorating the day after Thanksgiving.

I like to go out on Black Friday. Makes me feel festive! I don't go out early or anything like that either. But I think it's fun to see everyone else out and out, shopping, starting to get in the spirit of the Season!