Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Missing a Piece and a Video Blog.

First off, a video to say farewell as I head to NC:

And now the real season for this post:

As I pack and prepare for my trip to the Carolinas it's with a bit of a heavy heart. There was a great debate about how the holidays would be spent this year with Dad busily working and unable to travel, Rae pregnant and ready to deliver my precious niece any day, Ruth still in school, me in Florida, and Mom wanting to be with each of us. It was hard for me to commit to a plan that involved any Christensen left behind - but alas, it will be a Daddy-less-thanksgiving day for me.

I'm thankful he pressured me to go be with the rest of the family, even if he can't be this year. But it's been a bit of a sad week for me, prepping for Thanksgiving with one piece of the family missing. I sure do hate when we can't all be together.

So today I thought I'd add to the long list of things I'm thankful for - this guy. In a country sorely lacking in good fathers, I really hit the jackpot. My Dad is my hero, my inspiration, my leader, my advice giver, my encourager, my face twin, and I couldn't love him anymore than I do. Sure do wish I could be with him this Thanksgiving - but looking forward to a Christmas in Indianapolis with him soon.



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