Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Two Years Later.

I've probably confessed before that I don't consider myself much of a public speaker. The funny part about this is that because I'm all personality and energy and ridiculous decibels - other people usually think 'oh becca could totally do that'. I've tried to challenge myself in recent years not to be afraid to talk to crowds. I'm good one on one and I don't mind mingling with strangers at parties and social gatherings so why shouldn't I be able to address a crowd, right?

Naturally, I had to take speech in college like everyone else and because I can write a good speech, I was able to do well. But every critique I got came back reporting that when my nerves take over I talk so impossibly fast I'm hard to understand. Honestly, I think that's pretty much every day anyway.

So, I'll take all the prayers I can get this week as I prepare to give a 5 minute talk for this season's FPU graduates. We've talked about budgeting here on the blog in the past and I think most of you who have been here for any length of time know that I took Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University and that like most things took in SERIOUS. It was excited to announce via twitter when I became debt free (other than my condo, they don't make you count house debt) and I've been diligently saving for my 5 year plan.

So, I'm headed to hopefully inspire the new grads the way I was inspired my taking and later leading the course, myself. I've written out what I want to say and will most likely be practicing it in front of the mirror all week to hopes of speaking in understandable English by Sunday.

I think it's important to celebrate your successes, your met goals, your accomplishments, and your milestones. I'm coming up on 2 years of living on a budget, 2 years of being a homeowner, and 2 years since my weight loss journey with 60+ lbs kept off. I feel really good about the last couple years!

I also wanted to get some feedback from you all. Do you budget? What do you find works for you? Are you good about saving? I'm always looking for good tips and tricks.



Jess... said...

Congrats on, oh I don't know, EVERYTHING!!!! And good luck with your speech!

I wish I had some tips for you, however, I think I'll be taking budgeting tips FROM you instead. Haha

Leanna Vera said...

You'll be amazing when you give your speech!!

Whenever I get paid, I immediately transfer a portion of my paycheck into my savings account. Once money goes into the savings account, I don't touch it unless there's an emergency. I don't really keep to an intense budget but I do limit myself to only spending what's in my checking account

hcgboost said...

congrats! public speaking is scary

Kari said...

Congrats on all of your successes over the past 2 years! It's amazing when you accomplish things that you once only dreamed about.

I budget, but only for major bills and not for every single expenditure. I do okay with saving, but I want to start saving more. It's one of my big goals for 2012. I'll take your budgeting advice, since you've been through a Dave Ramsay class!