Thursday, November 24, 2011

It's Ok Thursday.

Its Ok Thursdays

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving loves. I have to say, tgiving is not my favorite holiday (Christmas is). Since I don't eat turkey or pie I always feel a bit out of place but don't worry I eat my weight in mashed potatos like a boss.

I couldn't resist linking up with two of my bloggin' favs for It's Ok Thursday which has become the starting line of many of my texts with friends including a recent from my sweet friend Katie:

'Hey it's ok to buy your boyfriend a really soft shirt so you can wear it'. Oh yes, yes it is!

So this thanksgiving I'm saying it's ok.... overeat. Do it. Go big or go home. Join the clean plate club. Let your inner fatty loose. wear your 'fat jeans' so you won't pop a button. (or if you prefer, just leave that top button undone all day under a chunky sweater). workout thanksgiving morning so you'll be extra hungry and can justify 'carb loading'. travel in skinny jeans or leggings in hopes of avoiding what I can a 'gina poke' from the TSA security. Man I hate those people. feel overwelmed by holidays because you feel at the mercy of other people's planning (I'm an OCD control freak, we know this). be giddy with excitement about your black friday TV because you can watch movies in BED now (Hey, it's ok that the rest of the world has been doing this for YEARS without me) have a love/hate relationship with New Years - it's never as good as you hope, right? obsessively clean your house before you go out of town because you love coming home to perfection. secretly hope your neighbors never sell their homes because you love them all and don't want crummy replacements, ever. overpack. We all do. not dress up to travel but also not look like a bum because you never know who you'll meet. I've met a guy I later went out with AND gotten 3 job offers while flying. color code your planner. love it's ok Thursday. enjoy twitter more than facebook because you can tweet about all the people who don't have twitter.




Café Moka said...

Happy Thanksgiving Becca!

Neely said...

FAT JEANS! lol I wear jeggings :)

Jess... said...

Happy Thanksgiving, lady!

And what airline are you flying that you're getting job offers because I need some of that!!! Haha

{K} said...

A great list! Hope you're having a good trip! I hate to be at the mercy of other people's plans too... drives me crazy! I definitely need to color code my planner. What kind of pens do you use??

New follower here from the Its Ok Thurs blog hop.

Lindsey @ Running Down A Dream said...

Your skinny jeans comment CRACKS ME UP! haha!