Wednesday, November 16, 2011


So I made a bold move this year and put my blog address on my Christmas cards. The big debate amongst bloggers seems to be - how much privacy do you keep as a blogger? Many bloggers don't share their blog with their 'real life' friends and enjoy the privacy of being able to share openly without judgement. Clearly, that is not the case with my blog. There's nothing anon happening here (not even comments!). BUT even though my blog is public via facebook - there are quite a few people who will receive my cards this year who don't know about the blog yet.

I decided though this would be a great way for them to keep up with me. Despite my diligent letter writing and forced phone call making (I am not a phone talker) - it's hard to keep up with everyone and even when I do, it's hard to remember to relive all that's going on. I have a busy life, in case you haven't noticed. ; ]

So tomorrow night is our banquet for work and I'm excited to wear my cobalt blue dress my Mom bought me (that I previously shared on the blog). Hopefully I'll get some pictures up Friday morning.

Wednesday (one week from today) I will be headed to North Carolina to see my sweet family there as well as hopefully meet my niece (if she arrives in time). It will be a whirlwind Thanksgiving with my flying in Wednesday night to Raleigh, driving to Winston Salem with my sister and bro (if no baby) for thanksgiving and a 10am departure Saturday morning to head back to Tampa. Saturday I land at noon and I have a wedding at 2:00 out by the beach. So I will be in a sprint to get my bags, collect my car, assemble myself, and drive out to the beach for my former coworker and sweet friend Joy's wedding festivities.

Then back to this side of the bridge for another engagement by 6. Never let em see ya sweat, right? Even holidays are manic for me.

I've got 50 christmas cards printed and read to address so I figure I'll take those along to the Carolina's with me next week and knock them out - then they'll be ready to ship in mid Decemeber. I bought those cute disposable goodie boxies to deliver Christmas baked goods to my favorite neighbors (have I ever mentioned how much I love my 'hood?). My Christmas presents are more than halfway bought AND I wrapped 3 of them already.

After Thanksgiving the official countdown to Christmas begins folks.

Let's do this.



Amber said...

You brave girl! Good for you for being so bold. I like to think that my blog is my little private slice of the internet, and I think I wanna keep it that way.

I'm jealous of the Christmas stuff you're already knocking out. I'm sooo behind, and it's beginning to stress me out, ahhhh!

meghan said...

Oh wow that was a brave move to put that blog address out there. You're good! I'm still at the point of walking the line. Some know, some don't...and sometimes I'm surprised to find who does. But as of yet, I haven't promoted yet...

Excited to be hosting the card swap with you! We need to host a Tampa/Florida meetup soon!