Monday, November 21, 2011


'if I am content with little, enough is a feast' - Isaac Bickerstaff

My Tampa bff and accountability partner, Aubs, and I served this weekend at our church in the 'holiday helpers' booth. We worked both services so a good 6-7 hour shift of selling turkey dinners for church members to buy that will feed the needy in our community. I am always excited to see my church, Grace Family Church, meeting the needs in our community and this Christmas they are on it. We worked the food booth as I called it, but there was also the opportunity to adopt a family, adopt a child, etc.

The reason I share this is because I went to give of my time, something I find I tend to be selfish with - but what I received was worth far more. I was blown away my the generousity of my church family. There eagerness and excitement to give blessed my heart more than you know. I was most touched my a single Mom who came to me and said that while she couldn't afford to adopt a whole family - she thought we could pair her and her son with another single mom and kid and they would give them a Christmas. Wow.

The quote I shared above was from our message this week which really got to the heart of keeping life in perspective. We keep Christmas pretty simple in our household but this year more than ever I'm excited for the holiday season to be about giving. Of time, resources, and sometime even money. God is so good.

What are you all doing this Christmas to bless others? I love hearing your ideas!




Neely said...

We volunteer Christmas Day at Golden Acres a retirement home for Jewish people. We play games, help serve food, decorate, etc. Its really fun :)

You rock Becca!

Becca Christensen said...

That is AWESOME - I love that! : ] What a neat holiday tradition!

Katie said...

This is SO GREAT! I am guilty of being seriously selfish with my time. Reading about that single mom almost made me cry! So sweet. :)

Becca Christensen said...

It's funny that time becomes more precious than gold to us the older we get, huh? I'm so glad you enjoyed the story about the single mom, I was touched and moved to tears myself. What an inspiration she is to me.