Friday, December 23, 2011

Advice from Bloggers - Round One.

I decided to poll some of my favorite bloggers/twitter friends on their thoughts on some of my favorite topics. This has been in the works via twitter for a bit and now the fruits of the conversations can be to your gain. Each of these fabulous girls have uniquely different, busy, incredible lives and are full of good advice! I'm constantly going to them for tips and tricks from fashion to makeup to life as a twenty-something. So first off, meet the ladies I love (I'm linking to their blogs and giving you their twitter names) :

The Girls who Keep my Twitter Feed Interesting:

Neely - @neelykins

Kerbi - @KerbiH

Amber - @brunchwithamber

Ashleigh - @ashleighhbowers

First off, with Jan 1st looming in the not-so-distant future I thought I'd start by asking: How do you stay organized?

Neely - I have a life planner, a blog planner, and post it's :)

Amber - I have boxes, drawers, baskets, etc. for everything! Everything has it's own place. I recently started saving my Birchbox boxes after I empty them and use them to store things too. I also make sure to put things away as soon as I'm done using it so that way I don't find myself with a mess. I also use my planner religiously. The second I make plans or an appointment, I pull out my planner and jot it down so I won't forget.

Ashleigh - As a SAHM, I really don't have a strict way of organization-- I am pretty laidback, but I DO NOT like clutter! I keep all of my daughter's appointments, recipes, meal plans, grocery lists, playdates, blog posts, giveaways, deadlines- in my Erin Condren life planner. Otherwise, I just go with the flow :-)

Kerbi - I have an EC life planner & an EC school planner, my iPhone, and post its!

Most of these girls it seems have an Erin Condren planner as Ashleigh referenced. I first saw one on Neely's blog but since have seen lots of the bloggers join the force. I love that you can customize the front cover with all of your favorite things - naturally, mine would basically just need to say diet coke in big black letters on the front.


I haven't joined the EC force, but am faithfully sporting a Coach planner for the 6th year running. While working for Coach in college I got my best friend Candy, too many purses and accessories, and a planner that changed my life. I color code mine with highlighters because like Amber, I'm totally OCD. With a strong emphasis on the obsessive.

Something none of the girls mentioned that I do to stay organized is my Harriet the Spy notebook. I don't actually spy on people (well I do, but I don't take notes); I do keep a small notebook with me at all times which is filled with my daily 'to do' lists as well as grocery lists, birthday cards I need to send, etc. The list notebook. This has changed my life. I never forget things anymore.

Next question: What's one thing you 'do yourself' to save money?

Neely - I do my eyebrows, trim my bangs, and sometimes bake bread.

Ashleigh - I do my own mani/pedis, cook instead of going out, and I use to make baby food with L was little.

Kerbi - I do my own nails every other time (in between nail appointments), I do my own eyebrows, and I shave with conditioner instead of shaving cream.

Amber - I do my own eyebrows. I also do my own manicures and usually my own pedicures. I know this isn't DIY, but I wear jeans twice before washing them if they don't get dirty. It saves a laundry load sooner than later. ;) I also stretch my contacts out. Not the best thing to do for my eyes and my optometrist hates me for it, but mine are 2 weekers and I wear them for a month. So a 6 month supply lasts me a year! :) I'm a bit of a Sbux addict, but I try and make my own coffee at home as much as possible. I try and borrow/swap books with friends/family instead of buying it myself.

(Amber - we clearly need to start exchanging books! I love love love to share books)

Um first off, all you excellent eye brow pluckers need to give me lessons. I have to get my cave man eyebrows tamed by a threader about once a month. I am horrible at plucking. Horrible.

Things I do myself to save money...hmm. Cooking at home instead of eating out is a big one. I DVR movies instead of renting them, since I already have to pay for cable and there's always good movies on, if you plan ahead.

Question #3 (mostly because I'm curious): What one item do you always buy when you find one that fits?

Neely - Jeans and bras. I have a very hard time finding bras that fit right. Sad but true.

Kerbi - Bras. I just found my fave at Target and bought 2 of every color they sold. Sweaters, short and long sleeved tshirts, I find a good fitting one and buy every color.

(Kerbi - this makes you a woman after my own heart. I once bought 5 of the same dress in different colors because it fit perfectly)

Amber: I will always buy a pair of jeans that fits me like a glove! Being as short as I am, but having a set of hips - it can be very hard to find jeans that fit me perfectly. Also, bras are important. If I have to wear this sucker for most of the day, I want it to be comfortable. Luckily VS makes the best bras (in my opinion) and I can always find something that fits great! Oh, and maxi dresses. Most of them I swim in because they're too long, but when I find one that just barely touches the floor like it's supposed to, I get it. :)

My answer to this is simple and won't shock most of you...dresses! I have over 50 dresses and I feel no shame about it since I wear them probably 4 days a week on average. To work, out with friends, to church, on errands. Some of that is because I love them and their easy and some because I live in Florida and it's pretty much always hot. But if I find a great dress that fits - I always buy it.


Neely said...

This was so fun! Cant wait for more :)

Krystal said...

I loved this! I already read Ashleigh, Amber and Neely but thanks for showing me Kerbi! Following her now!

Kerbi said...

I so loved this post! You have convinced me to buy more dresses!! Where is your favorite place to buy them??