Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011.

Good morning friends and hello from Indiana!

I hope each of you had a special Christmas day with family and or friends. Our Christmas was a bit out of sorts this year. Dad was actually off for Christmas day in the first time I can remember, which was a huge blessing! We normally celebrate Christmas very early in the morning so he can get to the office by mid morning but this year we waited until the afternoon so Noa could arrive.

As you can imagine we're all quite smitten with her already. She had a big first Christmas, much of which she slept through. But she was a trooper to make it from north Carolina, through Baltimore, and onto Indianapolis at just three weeks old without so much as a whimper, I hear.

So far it seems she's enjoying her aunts b and ruthie as well as her 'paws' who she hadn't met yet either. It is clear she will want for nothing in the Christensen household!

I am getting increasingly excited for both of my big 2012 trips as my Christmas presents were related to them. I got a coach across body bag for my trip to dc and a passport holder, travel blanket, and loads of sunscreen and bug repellant for my Haiti trip. Oh, and some money! :) that will be needed as well. 2012 promises to be a year I'll relay to my sweet niece for years to come.

Since being in Indiana I have finished 2 books - the last 2 books in the Hunger Games trilogy. I am trying to do what I rarely do in Tampa - relax. I feel a bit antsy but today might cure that - since I will be meeting up with friends at some point!

Well I think I have successfully typed this as my first blogpost from an iPad! again, Merry Christmas to each of you and your families.



Lindsey @ Running Down A Dream said...

It sounds like you had a great Christmas! :)

Meghan said...

Don't you love the Hunger Games??? I couldn't put it down! So glad you had a wonderful holiday!

Amber said...

I am sooo toying with the idea of reading The Hunger Games, everyone else is doing it, but it doesn't really seem like my cup of tea..