Thursday, December 1, 2011

Macys: Friends & Family Sale.

I'm on Macy's 'friends and family' list - so I always get their fabulous coupons. I rarely shop Macy's full price because I am, through and through, a bargain shopper. I love to find a good deal. I'm picky about my brands, my quality, and my styles but I'm pickiest about my price (well, sometimes). I printed out my coupon and hit Macy's on my lunch break (it's literally across the street from my house, and a mile from my work).

I figured I'd peak through the clearance rack and see what I came up with. I found this dress from 50% off (an additional 25% off with my coupon) and thought it would be great for Christmas parties, etc. I do own it in pink, already so I knew it would fit.

(Jessica Simpson)

I've been wanting a metallic shirt but not sure which one, what style, what sleeve get the idea. So, I snagged this Calvin Klein top for $12 after all the sales and discounts and I'm pretty stoked about it. I don't love this picture of it, but it's a flattering fit and a skintone flattering shade.

Any of you hitting the friends and fam sale? Any bargains I might have missed I should know about?


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Leanna Vera said...

That green dress is PERFECT for holiday parties! I didn't hit Macy's family and friends sale but I did clean up big during the Express Cyber Monday sale. That's another store that I refuse to pay full price at. They're always having sales and mailing out coupons.