Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bargain Shopping & My New Brand of Choice.

So, I had to share that I have a new brand obsession. You may have noticed that I love casual, comfortable 'run around' clothes. I love in black calvin klein atheletic pants and a variety of Under Armour and Nike tops. But with my ever growing obsession with Nordstrom Rack - I recently got introduced to Zella. Have any of you bought their clothes before?

I have been frantically looking for a few cold weather outfits so I can survive a week in Indiana. I literally called my mom after 3 days of shopping clearance racks and reported, 'I think I can come home, I have 3 long sleeved tops now'. After four years of living in Tampa AND losing over 50 pounds, nothing I had from my days of living in the midwest has remained. Ok fine, some of that has to do with that I refuse to store anything I don't wear regularly and I love, love, love to purge things.

Anywho, I found some great things on the Nordie Rack's clearance racks and that's how I got introduced to Zella.

It started with this top (excuse the self portrait - but admire the new hair)...

It was marked down from $60 to $19 and it looked comfortable and met the long-sleeved requirement, so I bought it. I'd never bought anything by Zella before so I thought, I'll buy one and see what I think. So I wore it to my spa day on Saturday as a trial run and loved it. So naturally, after getting a giftcare and a coupon in the mail I went back to Nordie Rack for more...

I bought this top in two colors:

I bought it in a pretty deep turquoise color and a dark pinkish about the color of the one in this photo. They were also clearanced for $19 each and I thought they'd be perfect for lounging around showering my niece with love and for the gym to try and keep the Christmas weight at bay.

While I'm living on the edge I also bought another pair of black pants (because again, I live in these suckers). I couldn't find a photo of the exact ones but they're wide leg, draw stringed, and pretty freaking comfortable.

While we're talking bargains I also have to make one more brag here...

I've never owned a Northface Fleece before (I think I was literally the only student at Purdue without one) but I found this one at Nord Rack for $30 and I had a coupon and a giftcard! Whoo hoo. I also love the color green, so that was a win as well, considering this was the only one they had.

So I feel not only really proud of my purchases but much more prepared to for almost 10 days of hopefully not freezing my tush off in the midwest. You can find me by the fire with my ugg boots and my new sweats, reading a long list of good books.




Lindsey @ Running Down A Dream said...

Sounds like a perfect holiday!

Nichole said...

Love that comfy, athletic look :)