Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Let the Party Planning Begin.

I've perhaps over mentioned my first trip to New York City which was in May. But while in New York I may have decided more than just that I am not cut out for public transit...I determined that what I love about New York is the social scene! Everytthing becomes an event, a party. A chance to celebrate with friends.

New Years Day brunches are all the rage in New York and while I will be ringing in the New Year here in Tampa, I've decide the NYC brunch tradition should still reign supreme. Never ones to shy away from the chance to feed and fellowship my dear friends Jess & Kayla have decided to host a New Years Day brunch with me.

Naturally, plans are just now in the works but I may be about to blow up Pinterest with brunchie ideas. Whew. This is why we people in the event planner biz rarely have parties of our own - once we get on a roll we're an unstoppable force of over planning. I'm going to try'n control my enthusiasm.

Anyone been to a New Years Day brunch and want to share what they loved most?




Jennifer B said...

Hi! I got your email and am replying as a tentative YES! I'll respond soon! :)

Kate said...

I love different kinds of Champagne Cocktails. It seems so decadent to have champagne in the morning! :) I also despise ANY kind of egg casserole, personally. Ugh!

Lindsey @ Running Down A Dream said...

Ohh I love this idea! I may steal it :)

Neely said...

Sounds fabulous!

Krystal said...

Great idea! HAppy planning!

Mrs. H said...

I didn't know you were in the event planning business! So am I! A brunch party on New Years day sounds like a fabulous day!