Saturday, January 23, 2010


Weddings have been on my mind this month. Not only am I prepping to be a bridesmaid in October of 2010 in the wedding of my best friend Candy but many of my friends are also in weddings this year. I had a funny conversation with my best this week in which after she answered with a proper, 'hello?' I immediately started off the conversation with, ' THANK YOU for not being a bridezilla!'.

I had heard earlier that day an absolute horror story about a wedding my friend was to be in coming up in a few months. I mean HORROR story. Claws, fangs, and finally a parting of wedding ways! Whew. I'm not one for girl drama and hearing stories like that makes my skin crawl. Candy and I are in absolute agreement that we will punch each other in the face if we ever get that bride crazy.

While your wedding should be one of the most exciting days of your life it is in fact one DAY. Therefore, chill out people. It should be beautiful, special, will not nor should you aspire to utter perfection. This is one day I say you throw the 'keeping up with the Jones' (Kardashians)' mentality right out the window and do what you want. There's so much performance pressure on weddings it's ridiculous. I say, forget's your day.

I love the part in the movie 27 Dresses where the main character says that she'll wear an ugly dress because it's their day and when her day comes she knows those same girls will be there for her. In the movie of course, that all comes true. Real life is slightly less perfect (but somehow still has plenty of ugly bridesmaids dresses for the claiming). Isn't that what being a bridesmaid is all about? Support.

I kept the letter my sister wrote me on the morning of her wedding of which I was the Maid of Honor. She said that she couldn't imagine anyone else she'd rather have closest to her as she made the biggest and most exciting commitment of her life. That's it. That is exactly what being a bridesmaid should be like. And let me tell you, the cut of that dress was NOT meant for my bod...made worse by the fact that my Mom (while I was away) sewed up the V that made the V neck because she said I have too much cleavage. This made my dress look a bit awkward and my torso look like that of a midget. Don't worry, that's been documented for life. Fabulous. She was worth every second, and every facebook documented picture.

I see the bridesmaid role in two ways. I consider it an honor that for the rest of their lives when they look at wedding photos or remember that day, I will be part of it. I also consider it somewhat of a gift or service on my part. You have to buy a dress, take PTO, travel (or so it always seems in my case), buy gifts, throw parties, etc. And you know what? For my best friends, I am delighted!

When Candy called me to ask me to be a bridesmaid I was elated. Secretly I'd been hoping since her now fiancee told me he was going to propose that she would want me to be part of it. Thankfully, she did! And I'd stand on my head in purple crush velvet if she really wanted...Heck I'd even be in a theme wedding. Her friendship means that much. But thankfully, she has excellent taste too (hince: we're friends).

Can I just say that I would LOVE to be in a wedding where there is a dancing entrance just once in my life? If you don't know what I'm talking about, YouTube it.

That is all.



Ebony Jewel said...

LOL if I ever get married, I am going to do the Thriller dance! You better be there! ;)

Helen said...

Exactly! The wort is when people are so stressed out about the photos... I mean why spend more time trying to preserve the memories that you forget to live the event?

Weddings should be fun, not so stressful, sounds like Candy totally has her head on straight!

UnsettlingPeace said...

I am MOST DEFINITELY doing a choreographed dance at my wedding. This is a non-negotiable for my future husband. :)