Tuesday, January 26, 2010

'I'm so happy for you!'

A while back I wrote this entry about our desire to see others experience failure and misery. I want to return to that topic for a brief moment and talk about how success in your life brings 'friends' out of the wood work AND has a tendency to make frienememies out of the most surprising people.

I experienced this the last time Dad made the Super Bowl and less than 24 hours into our re-making it, I'm experiencing it again. Not only have I already fielded ABOUT 200 ticket requests (let's me honest people, not gonna happen. Check stub hub.)...but I've already fielded some nasty texts, facebook message, e-mails, texts, etc. Whether it be about the persons distaste for the Colts or Peyton Manning's ever growing popularity, people just can't seem to keep their lips zipped about their ill will. It's quite incredible to me. If the only thing you can think to say to me is that you hope my team (and therefore my family) lose, well then keep it to yourself.

The last time we made the Super Bowl, our opposing team was a dear friend of mine's Dad's team. Of all the people who were most gracious in the way they talked to me before, during, and after the Super Bowl he was certainly the best. It was incredible to me just how much class he and his family have that even as we were opponents in the biggest game of our Dad's lives - he wished me good luck, and he sincerely congratulated me afterwards. This people, is what we call good sportsmanship AND true friendship.

I have tried in my mind to find a way to justify these peoples behavior. Perhaps no one was ever taken a cheap shot at their father's career to them and so therefore, they do not understand? That could be possible...though in my mind I can't help but think it's common sense that people are going to be sensitive about their families. Also, I honestly believe that some people think they are being funny. They're 'joking' when they say 'the Colt's suck' or 'There's no way you'll win' and they just think they are hilarious. Again, I can't help but think if these people really thought about it for 5 seconds they would realize how completely un-funny and therefore unlaughable this really is. In other words: epic fail. I hope these people don't believe in Karma - sheesh.

I am choosing not to end this entry on a negative note. For every negative Nancy in my life I have an incredible friend who cheers their heart and soul out for me in everything I do. For my parents, my sisters, and my best friends who support me and are with me every step of the way - I am eternally grateful. For each and every person who has prayed us to this point, I hope that we can go to Miami and win this for you. The frienememies in my life only serve to make my real friends shine.

I leave you with these wise words...

The antidote for fifty enemies is one friend. ~Aristotle



Laura said...

Very well written! You could've really stuck it to those rude people, because I'm sure they definitely deserve it! This is one of the many reasons why you are such a great person because you choose to take the high road. I wish your family the best of luck!! I hope you guys have a blast in Miami!!

Jessica Corbin said...

I love you dearly and it sucks that you're having to go through this a second time... Let me clarify, I am STOKED that the Colts will be in Miami again!!! Woot woot! but it sucks that some people haven't learned or that new "friends" have come into your life who choose to take a stab at your family. I'm thinking now that your in the condo your family should come to Tampa for a bit so I can see them. Just a thought. Man I love your family!

Side note. Got your tweet about the new blue flats. Have you found a fun new dress to wear??

I am mad excited for the game. But I must say I am gonna miss watching the game with you. I've gotten so used to spending game days with you that I'm like a lost little puppy now.
I need a picture of you that I can make into an 8x10 to fill in for the real you. LOL.

Love ya!!

Anonymous said...

Becca -
I totally think your sentiments are grounded, but I also encourage you to have a little grace.
I think you're correct in making the statement that most people have never had a "cheap shot at their father's career" taken," and I would venture to say that most of these people see football teams as entertainment - not the livelihood that it has been for your family. Your blog seems like the perfect tool to express how these statements are making you feel.
All that being said, I am truly happy for your family and hope that God gets the glory whatever the outcome! But, GO COLTS! Have fun in Miami!

Anonymous said...

I hope the colts win.

Becca Christensen said...

Laura - You are so sweet. Thank you. We need a catch up phone call SOON! As you can imagine the next week may be chaos for me. Maybe when I return from the MIA?

Jess - Aw. It doesn't feel right watching it without you either. I love our game dates! And YES my family needs to get their butts down here ASAP! And I found a Super Bowl after party outfit...but I think I'm wearing something I own for the game. ; ] More to come on that soon.

Anon 1 - I think I may know who wrote this. But regardless, you make some wonderful points. And yes, my hope is that God receives the glory no matter what happens.

Anon 2 - ME TOO!

Jessica Corbin said...


If you want an 8x10 of me to take with you to the game so I can be with you I can make that happen. Hehe. Love ya