Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Let's Talk about Homeownership!

I've been a homeowner since December 21st of 2009. And let me just share with you (especially those of you close to my age) that the actual buying of the house was considerably easier than I had expected. I owe this in large part to having a great realtor, one Ms. Nancy Huhta of Keller Williams. One would think (and possibly hope) that spending such a large amount of money would take more time. But no, the closing process was actually short, sweet, and painless! Hoorah.

That being said, what has followed has been chaos, hardwork, blunders, more chaos, more work. Help! I'm up at 6am every morning working on packing or something else at one house, to drive to work for an 8 hour day, spend 3 hours at the condo (house #2 of the day) doing cooking, cleaning, unpacking what I spent an hour packing, then drive back up north and crash. Repeat. Yes, this is my life. When I'm not doing those tasks (which is rare) I'm stalking the mailman because my mail was being rejected from my new address, or trying to track down my new drivers license which appears to be lost in transit somewhere in Florida, having countless 'check ups' done to make sure my place is in tip top shape, painting accent walls, or putting together furniture.

Homeownership is a fulltime job! Can I apply for a job as a stay at home homeowner? That should exist. Whew.

I'm happy to report my AC and Heat are in tip top shape and are finally running. This is lovely since my condo has been a whopping 59 degrees this week, in which we were painting with the windows open! I would like to take a breif moment to thank my dear friend, Jess Corbin, for enduring the freezing weather with fans blowing to help me paint!

My magenta colored accent wall is fabulous! Pictures coming soon.

New carpet goes in on Saturday and I plan to post before and after pictures but not until I have after pictures. The before pictures will gross you out so I need to follow them with the lovely new carpet that will be present soon. I'm pleased with my selection of both a company (Bob's Carpet Mart) and my selection of Carpet (called: Cheval in the color: Dahl).

The only fully functioning room in the condo thus far is the kitchen, but they, that's all the you need right? Food. My fridge is well stocked with: milk, eggs, leftover soup, and diet cheerwine. You know, the essentials.

My furniture is now finally set to join me in beach park on Jan. 16th. I cannot wait.

Much much much more to come about the condo, homeownership, and the chaos that is my current life. Thanks for your thoughts, prayers, suggestions, recommendations, and support. My condos 2ish weeks old now and it keeps getting better with time.


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Laura said...

I am so so so happy for you!!! It's sounds like a lot of hard work, and you're the best person for the job :) I can't wait to see the before and after pics because I'm sure it's going to look AMAZING!!