Saturday, January 30, 2010

A little privacy please.

Social networking has made little Internet celebrities out of us all. All of the sudden people are paying attention to our dating lives, know where we are and what were doing, see pictures of us daily, etc. Those habits were once reserved for the Lindsay Lohan's and Brangelina's of the world. But facebook, myspace, twitter, linked in, and blogger have changed all that. Now we've come to expect that we can find out anything, about anyone, in 5 minutes or less...from our phones!

The tricky thing about this is finding a balance and keeping some semblance of boundaries on your personal life. Social networking can be an excellent way to keep up with friends from high school or college that you may not see regularly anymore. Or keep up with your family members and see pictures of your little nieces and nephews (I don't have those ...yet). BUT giving people unlimited access to your life certainly has repercussions.

When I determined I was going to start blogging, I had to determine if this was going to be a public or private blog. Did I want to be anonymous or let people know who I am? Just how much more access did people need than the 1500 people who know 'what's on my mind' from facebook or 'what I am doing' from twitter?

For the most part, I put it all out there for you. I don't blog every one of my inner most thoughts. But I'm up front and honest on my blog about what I've got going on in my life and the mistakes, flaws, and mishaps along the way. In my mind it has been worthwhile. I've grown to love sharing this blog with you all.

I do still reserve a few categories for myself though. One being my dating life. You'd be surprised how many facebook messages and e-mails I get about my hidden relationship status. Am I single? Am I dating? Am I in a relationship? Is it any of their business? Not really. I will say this, if I ever start seriously seeing only one person I promise to tell you. But I'm not going to publicize my dating life. I find that awkward and I think it could be problematic. So, that's a 'me only' category. People are only informed on a 'need to know' basis.

If I did get to blog anonymously, I think I would talk about dating. Because I have plenty of thoughts and funny stories about my 'dating life'. But since you all know who I am, where I'm from, and who I hangout with I'm afraid that's impossible. I'd sure hate to humiliate anyone by publicizing their faux pas (or mine) on a blog for you all to figure out who they may be.

In recent weeks I've been reconsidering the number of people who have access even to my limited profile on facebook. I mean, do that many people really need to see pictures of me on my birthday? Or know how I spend my Christmas vacation? Probably not. A friend of mine recently did a 'clean sweep' of their facebook friends and I'm feeling somewhat inspired. It may be time to make some cuts. No offense to all those lovely people I met once in a class at Purdue who friended me and I never defriended later.

I think it's time for a little privacy.



Ebony Jewel said...

Nothing wrong with privacy on facebook. I, like a psycho (as my coworkers say, set up lists & then customize what those on each list can see. I found that as one of the easiest ways to retain "friends" but keep them out of my business.

I hate for people, especially those who I haven't talked to in years, to pass judgment based on my pictures, my wall posts, or what they "think" I'm doing. So I make it easy & block those nosy, pesky folks from seeing stuff they don't need to see!

Anywho!! Stop by my blog when you get a moment, I have 3 awards for you!

Seize The Moments

Becca Christensen said...

I agree! People are quick to judge what they don't know. It's really frustrating at times. I have a love/hate relationship with facebook.