Friday, January 1, 2010

From Florida...

- Keep God first. It so easy to let my priorities get out of whack. This year I want God to stay at the center of all I do. I want Him to be first and foremost.

- Open my heart to people. Forgetting past hurts or disappoints I want to fully love the people in my life, even when they're undeserving.

- Pray for my family daily. While this has been more of a weekly thing in 2009, in 2010 I want to make time every morning to pray for my family members.

- I will cut the crap. And I mean in my schedule. I will get rid of the unimportant, distracting things in my daily life and use the time for what's important.

- I will take time to enjoy, reflect, and be still. We miss so much when we don't stop moving.

- I will read 50 new books with my friend Joy.

- I will be quicker to listen, and slower to speak (and judge).

- I will get out of my comfort zone, on purpose!

- I will fill my new condo...with furniture, with love, and I hope on a few occasions - with people!

- I will be forgiving of others and of myself.

- I will love my job.

- I will write. Often.

- I will be a great sharer. Of my time, my talents, my affections, and my things.

- I will reevaluate and add to this list regularly.

- I will grow up, with as much grace as I can muster.

Becca Christensen of Tampa, FL



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Ebony Jewel said...

I love it! Great way to document the ways you plan to grow in 2010! I think this is great - instead of resolving to change, resolve to grow! :)

Helen said...

That's a great list, and no less than I would have expected from you :)

Happy new Year and I wish you lots of growth! I'm with you on trying to leave the comfort zone, it can be very trapping if you don't make sure to leave it often!