Monday, January 25, 2010

I love...

New York & Company. They are the best stop for sundresses (I have over 50, so clearly this is a love of mine) and they have excellent sales (also a love of mine). If I'm looking for a dress or something fun to wear for an event I always hit up their sale racks. But last week I stopped in the Westshore Mall for a quick peak around the 60% off redlined items and found this little treasure for 15 bucks!

I also got a fun shortsleeved shirt with bows on the shoulder but I couldn't find a picture of it so I'll have to share that with you later.

I've REALLY been keeping the shopping to a minimum lately, BUT I think I'm going to have to scrounge up a little extra in that budget catagory this month to prepare for the SUPER BOWL the first weekend in Feb.


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Laura said...

Oh wow, I love the top you brought!! Wish we had shops like that in the UK that I could pick up bargains at.
Laura x