Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wild wild weekend.

I've been anxiously awaiting my friend Sarah's first visit to Tampa since I bought the condo! In fact, she will be my first overnight guest since I moved in. We planned the trip a few weeks ago and then as the time as drawn closer I have been invited to one after another cool events for this weekend. Thankfully, Sarah is lots of fun and as excited as I am about each one.

So, I'm sharing with you in advance so that you all can be excited to see the pictures of this crazy weekend.

Friday Night were going to hit The Lodge for dinner, because it's our favorite. Then were going to head up to North Tampa to celebrate a very special friend of mine (and my small group leader)'s birthday party which has an 80s theme! I know you all will be disappointed but I don't think were dressing up. We didn't have anything to wear and with the Super Bowl next weekend, I'm on a strict budget.

We will be turning in pretty early Friday night to prepare for Saturday. Saturday we are going to Gasparilla for the invasion and probably staying for the parade. Some friends of mine who live right off the strip where all this will take place, are having a house party. So since Sarah has never experienced this chaotic Tampa tradition, I'm going to take her to scope the craziness. Yay!

I thought that was going to be a full weekend...but we determined that we are also going to hit up some Bull Riding at the St. Pete Times forum that evening. I mean, why not? I ended up getting offered free tickets through work and we couldn't help think that that would be a blast! So, always down for an adventure were going to head from Gasparilla to Bull Riding Saturday night.

Note to self: Charge my camera. This is one weekend that really MUST be documented.

Stay tuned. ; ]


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Ebony Jewel said...

The first thing that came to mind when I saw Bull Riding was mechanical bull riding LOL. My work team talked about mechanical bull riding, but we could never find a spot that actually had a mechanical bull. I wouldn't have lasted 2 mins on that thing anyway!