Friday, January 8, 2010

Enter: the Crackberry.

Over Christmas my sister (the baby one) & I both joined the world of the Crackberry. I learned this charming term from the Verizon rep who told me (and my stunned mother) to visit to learn all the crazy tips, tricks, and read about crazies with their blackberries. My Mom was mortified and whispered to me, 'Does he mean crack like the drug?!'. Lord help me.

Now, I should go ahead and admit that until I sing songed a little Beyonce 'upgrade me' to the Verizon reps, I didn't even have internet on my phone. That's right kids, I, Becca Christensen, was about 3 years behind the technilogical times. Have no fear though, I WILL catch up. So as I toted my macbook, my kindle, and my voyeger (my previous phone) around looking somewhat techy chic - I did not (insert shock and horror here) have internet on my cell.

So I'm two weeks in and while I wouldn't expect to find my picture on just yet, I do like having the internet. Being able to look up the phone number to Sam's Club and check their hours when I needed one last kitchen item was amazing. Checking my e-mails from the condo while my laptop is at my rental? Also helpful. Never having to say 'I'll look when I get home' - life changing.

Biggest drawback? It doesn't get good reception! I'm not sure if it's because the blackberry is like a forcefield all it's own or what but mine lacks reception in areas my old phone seemed to handle just fine. This could prove to be problematic as my new home in 'the C' as I fondly call it, does not have enough reception for a good length chat. Booo.

One other noteworthy drawback... did you know that Bath & Body works sends those crazy ad e-mails at 4:00am? Yeah, me neither until they starting haunting my sleeping hours. Eck. I unsubcribed from every e-mail list my online shopping had found me upon in the last oh, 24 years. No more middle of the night e-mails. No more junkmail to my phone. I say no no no!
A few days after the great unsubscribing of 2010, I practically shreiked at the girl at Bath & Body when she asked for my e-mail address. I promise I didn't mean too but before I could catch myself I practically leapt down her throat about their e-mailing habits. Oops. Don't worry I calmed and righted the situation. Without, however, re-giving them my e-mail. Boundaries are the spice of my shopping life.

Just wanted to share my thoughts with you all as I pioneer this new worth of a phone that is smarter than I.


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Ebony Jewel said...

I have to say should have got an iPhone! I tell everyone that! I have a Crackberry - the 8830 (World Phone) & I HATE it! The reception is terrible & so is the speakerphone. I only have it because my job says I should have it lol. I never use it though....well I use it to call the UK & Canada, but that's about it. Otherwise I transfer all of my calls to my iPhone.

And the email thing - you can turn off notifications after a certain time - there's a setting on the 8830 to control that I believe.