Friday, January 22, 2010

Colts Apron.

I am playing Suzie Homemaker this evening and throwing a few snacks together for my poker playing buddies. Excuse the hot mess than is me at the moment but I finally and I do mean FINALLY unpacked my first 3 boxes since the official move. Score. Had to break out my Colts apron for the brownie baking event and thought I'd share a pic with you.

I'm at home STILL waiting on the brighthouse people to come reunited me with my love from Criminal Minds. Oh DVR how I have missed you.

Hope your weekend is off to a productive yet relaxing start as well...and cheer hard for my Colts on Sunday. My nerves are already a disaster.


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Ebony Jewel said...

My weekend was great - just took a moment to relax and reflect on the very crazy week & talk to other coworkers of mine who are in the now same predicament as me. I have a plan though - a plan that shall all play out on Friday & hopefully the ending is in my favor! :)