Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday - Flashbacks.

In honor of Super Bowl Sunday I thought it would be fun to relive the two Super Bowls I've been lucky enough to attend.

On our first Super Bowl trip the Colts beat the Chicago Bears. This picture is so old school to me now! I look wicked young (and chubby) and sweet little Ruthie!...she's now 21 and a junior in college!...
That first super bowl it literally rained the entire game. The ENTIRE game. By the end we were drenched, exhausted, and victorious! It was slightly bittersweet to beat some of our friends who were on the opposing side. But it was a certainly fun to bring home our first ring!

Our second Super Bowl we lost to the New Orleans Saints (boo) but it sure was fun to be back in Miami for the big game, again.

This is my older sister, Rachel, and I during that game...

It didn't rain, thank goodness - but I would have taken the rain and a victory over the nice weather and a loss any day. By this Super Bowl I was living in Florida so I drove down instead of flying with the families. We had a great couple of days as a family in Miami and despite the loss, managed to make it a great vacay.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! I hope you're enjoying some 'football food' (yum) and friends. I will be rooting for Eli and the Giants today (not like any of you believed I'd root for the Pats).



SEL said...

What fun that you got to go to two different superbowls!!

And yay for rooting for the G-MEN! I'm still on cloud 9 that my team won!

Neely said...

My dad went to all the cowboys superbowls when I was little! I wanna go :) looks so fun!

Leanna Vera said...

I'm so jealous that you've been to 2 Super Bowls! I've always wanted to go!

Asha said...

you're so lucky you actually got to attend TWO Superbowls! Cute picture of you and your sis :)