Monday, February 20, 2012


Much of my thoughts and efforts of late have gone into who I want to be in the various roles of my life. Yours 20s are crazy. Your life changes drastically every year of your 20s, or so I believe. And your roles within your family, your friendships, your church, etc are always changing. Each year I value more the roles that I am in and doing them with as much excellence as I can muster.

Friend. I want to be a reliable, thoughtful friend. I love being the one my friends come to for advice, support, a good cry, prayer, or a laugh (usually about budgets, dieting, or bad dates). I desire to be the kind of friend who is always adapting to keep up with my friends growing, changing friendship needs. As my friends move, get married, make babies, change jobs, and go through the best and worst of times I want to be there with sound advice, endless encouragement, and thoughtful gestures.

I was recently touched by a sweet guy friend who texted me, 'that is what I love about you'. I was caught off guard as I responded, 'what?!'. He came back by telling me that when he comes to me for advice I never judge. I purpose to give open, honest advice but I am trying desperately to learn the value in telling the truth in love.

Aunt. I am in my first year of being an Aunt. My newest and potentially most important role. As an aunt I want to be loving, gracious, fun, encouraging, thoughtful, wise, and in the future - always waiting with some raw cookie dough to hear what's new in her life. My sweet niece, Noa, brings so much light to my life. I want to be there for her big moments and I want to always keep her at the top of the priority list. I want to faithfully pray for her, love her, and visit her.

Sister. I am a sister to the most precious gifts the Lord has even given me - my sweet Rae & Ruthie. As the lucky middle child I have both an older and a younger sister whom I couldn't love anymore than I do. I want to be consistent in my calls, texts, pictures, and letters. I want to be diligent to pray for them and to know what is going on in their lives. I always want them to know my love for them is endless.

Daughter. The older I get the trickier this role becomes. It's fun that my parents actually call me for advice some now (usually about electronics). I love being a part of their lives as both a daughter and a friend. I love praying for them, encouraging them, and cheering them on as their lives go through changes as well.

Writer. My role as a writer is always growing. I started writing letters diligently last year and I've grown to have over 20 pen pals. I try to faithful write encouraging, inspiring, and whitty little numbers. Obviously, my writing is held here but in the past year I have taken on the role of writing for my church's women's ministry blog with great excitement. What a joy to use my love of the written word to share with the women of my church!

Hostess. As I work hard to develop my entertaining skills with new recipes, crazy cleaning tips, and purposing to always be welcoming - I have fallen farther and farther in love with playing hostess. I hope to be someone who doesn't have to plan ahead, who's willing to put an extra place at the dinner table to tote an extra towel to the pool. I look forward to hosting many a friend this summer who needs 'a little sunshine and summertime'.

Sinner. As I study Roman's with my bible study I am reminded of my role as sinner. That I am saved by grace. That I am redeemed. That my life was bought at a costly price. I am humbled and encouraged by this. There is freedom in knowing that I cannot save myself, and I don't have too.

Neighbor. Perhaps one of my most exciting new adult roles has been being a neighbor. Few things bring me greater joy that my weekly interactions with the sweet people I do life with on a regular basis. Each of us our in such different phases in our lives, but I cherish the wisdom of those who are farther along in life than I. I love baking them goodies, or having them over for dinner. I'm touched by how they are constantly working to make my life easier. I am blessed with great neighbors.

This entry doesn't scratch the surface of the roles I'm playing...but it gives you an idea of what's on my heart lately. I want to be a person who recognized their opportunities and takes advantage of chances to show love.



Joey said...

Beautiful post, friend.

Phil and Darby Hawley said...

This is an inspiring post :-)

Amber said...

I have to admit Bec - you always make me wanna be a better person for myself. So that makes YOU an awesome friend!

Tasha said...

This is a great post! You will be an awesome aunt for Noa!! I love my niece and nephew to pieces! They are so much fun and while I'm not there to see all of their firsts, I love to see their faces light up when I AM around! It's such a good feeling!

Btw, I wanna be your neighbor!! I live for parties AND baked goods exchanges! My boy and I have been doing Saturday evening wine tasting with our neighbors. It's always interesting to see what people bring!

Jennifer B said...

This is a great post! It's important to remember the roles you want to play and the person you want to be :)

SEL said...

This is a beautiful post. I know in all the roles you play, you're a fantastic person in all of them!

Asha said...

This post has truly encouraged me to step it up in many of the roles I play and to constantly try to improve in those areas of my life. And I'm sure you are the best aunt ever :)

Kendra said...

Becca, this post is beautiful. Sometimes we need to reflect on what were doing to realize what we need to improve on. You are such a wonderful eprson..never forget this!