Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Back From Baltimore.

Well lovies, I've been back a few days but I like to recap my weekends away. Last weekend I traveled with my work to Baltimore, MD for one of our events. I simply love going places I either haven't been, or haven't been recently. Years ago my Dad actually worked at the University of Maryland, so Baltimore isn't a foreign place for me but it's been so long, it was certainly seeing things with fresh eyes.
Br! I forgot that it's actually fall most places. We Tampa-ites are still enjoying the 90s and in my case, still working on our tans. You northern people totally have an excuse for your paleness - I forgot how cold 50 degrees can feel! I was layered up til I looked like the Pillsbury dough boy and I was still shivering. What's up with my thin blood?

Ok I can officially swear by the neck pillow (pictured above) I slept the best I ever have on both my flights this weekend. Love! None of that falling over when you first fall asleep and waking yourself back up. And I didn't strain my neck like I usually manage to do. I felt great, I got a good mornings and nights nap en route. Delightful. I bought the serasoft kind, because I'm obsessed with those blankets (I have 4) and because, let's be honest, it was 7 bucks at Marshalls. It has crossed my mind to start collecting them though. If anyone finds a zebra one, let me know. It must be mine.

So it was my first trip to M & T Bank stadium - which is beautiful. I know I'm a bit of a football nerd but honestly, seeing new stadiums is such a thrill for me. I love the game and I love where it's played. I can't help myself!

This blog post wouldn't be complete without showing you that from my hotel room I could see Camden Park - where the Orioles play AND M & T Bank Stadium where the Ravens games are played. Love.

I wouldn't mind a lengthier trip to Baltimore in the near future for some sight seeing. Maybe when it's not so cold though.

One last thing of note about my trip - the outlet mall! We stopped there for breakfast when we landed and had a few minutes to explore. When we ended up with 40 minutes to shop I managed to turn 40 minutes and 48 bucks into - 2 pairs of work pants and 3 tops. Oh Gap outlet, you are officially my best friend in Baltimore. I loved it. Maybe some pics to follow. We shall see.



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