Thursday, November 11, 2010

Biker Chic.

I've been lusting after moto jackets all fall long (well all week of it here in Tampa at least). I'd had my eye on this lovely from New York and Co for months but for $109 - I just couldn't justify it. When I went back this week with a coupon, the jacket was 40% off and they let me use my $30 off coupon. Ba-da-bing. I now have a moto jacket and I am PUMPED about it. Had to show you guys. : ] I'm that proud.
Rest assured I will be sporting it this weekend in Indianapolis.


Tara said...

love it! enjoy your weekend in indy!

Mere said...

Wow it looks great! It's super flattering too! Love it!

Meghan said...

Great jacket! I adore it!