Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Show: Fashion Through the Ages.

If you’re my friend on facebook or follow me via twitter you already know I attended a fashion show last night. The local Redkin beauty school put on a fashion throughout the ages show to raise scholarship money. For some odd reason I get invited to practically everything that goes on in Tampa lately, via e-mail. So I got an e-mail letting me know there would be a fashion show and would I like to attend. My coworker who is adventurous like myself and I decided, why not?

We did a 20 minute change after work at the office and I think we did a pretty great job. Don’t you? Both wearing purple was not planned, by the way. My purple ruffled front shirt was found at the Gap outlet on sale when I took a mind clearing trip to Ellenton on Monday night. Not bad for 20 bucks, eh? Excuse the bad coloring in this pic...not sure what's up with that, I look a smidge grey in the face.

The fashion show was fashion through the ages so they had three groups: 40s & 50s, 60s & 70s, and the 80s & 90s. I was a little torn, but I think 40s and 50s were my favorite. Though 60s and 70s did win in the end. Here's a few people from the decades you might recognize (Twiggy, Cher, Charlies Angels, Jackie Kennedy, etc):

Overall, the students did a great job and it seemed had fun in the process. I hope they raised more money than the anticipated, although I admit to being slightly bitter about having not won anything in the raffle. Gr. I really wanted that 1500 dollar handbag! And it was won by a man - double gr.

I may just have to make this annual night of fashion a tradition - it was well worth the 5 bucks.



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Mere said...

How weird. I'm working in Parrish this week and I have passed by those outlets everyday but I haven't stopped. The traffic has been horrendous and has taken over two hours twice so I am eager to get on the road.