Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Years Eve Outfit - Help Wanted.

I found this Jessica Simpson dress at Marshalls this week - for $39.99 instead of $168 and I love it. Magenta's a great color for me with my skin tone. Here's my debate though - what color shoes? Opinions from friends so far: black, nude, gold, or silver.
I want your help! What do you think?!


Anonymous said...

Hmm.. I'm not a fashionista by any means! But, it depends on the swankiness of the party and how much you want to shine- silver or gold would put a fun, flirty touch and dress it up a bit. It'd be cute with a matching clutch and hairpins. The nude shoes would make the outfit more classy and refined dressy. It all depends on what look you're going for!

Mere said...

I love that dress!! So my thoughts---initially I am thinking a bright blue. Look at Steve Madden Trinitie shoes. They are suede and really high but I have them in black and love them. A co-worker has them in bright blue and I think that would go really well with the pink.

My other thought is a black sparkly shoe. Nine West has a black bead and sequin sparkle peep toe pump right now that would be so cute. Let me know if you can't find either--I'll help you out.

I'm so honored you asked my opinion. So cool :-) xo

JPO said...

Ooo I love the dress.

The shoulder piece is fab.

Minimum jewelry because you don't want to take away from the dress. I would probably go with flashy shoes...maybe silver with jewels

Tara said...

such a pretty dress! i'd go with gold shoes, for sure!

Ashley said...

Your dress is gorgeous!! I would probably go with either black or silver shoes...sparkly maybe?

Anonymous said...

A bright yellow heel would really pop and be incredibly cute with this dress! Don't be afraid to be bold!