Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Three Days til Indy.

Hello Lovelies.

First off, thank you for your feedback on my last blog. After hesitating to post pictures (eck) of my before and after I was pleasantly surprised to get not only comments but e-mails, facebook messages, and texts about the post. Turns out more of you than I thought can relate to where I've been, where I'm at, or where I'm headed. So thank you for your encouraging words, your kind thoughts, and your questions - which I thoroughly enjoyed answering!

For those of you who asked that I keep you up to date on how I do - I will do so! I'm two days into my newest contest and plan and feeling strong.

I leave Friday for Indianapolis for a whirlwind 3 day weekend of work, family, friends, and football - pretty much in that order. We are having our Fall Colts FKE in Indianapolis this weekend. It will be sold out soon but if you're interested you can register on our website - www.allprodad.com and I will see you there!

I'm excited to have some of my closest friends return as volunteers - Candy, Josh, and Sean. Also excited to have my new friends, Ellen and Chris coming to bring their son, Cason for the first time! The Colts event has a special place in my heart A. because of my love for the Colts but B. because my own sweet Dad will be there as a spokesmen. My Dad and I have attended quite a few of these events over the years together. Starting with the very first one, here in Tampa when he and Coach Tony spoke. Later as a volunteer in high school and college. And now as a staff member.

Watching Dad engage with the crowd never gets old for me and my pride in him has only grown throughout the years. I am so proud of him. I guess once you hit your mid-twenties that glow parents have about their kids comes full circle and we kids starting having it about our parents. Coach Jim and Dad will rock the house again this year, I'm confident and I look forward to another year I get to be there to cheer him on.

Friday night I'll get some family time and hopefully a chance to meet up with a new-ish friend, Jon I met through an APD event as well! : ] Saturday will be the event and several of my friends will be in attendance, volunteering, etc. so while it will be work it will be the best kind of work day. Afterwards a group of us are going to grab dinner at a place I haven't tried in Indy yet - Tony Sacco's Coal Oven Pizza. If you've been - give me some feedback!

Sunday is all about my Colts. I'll get to go to church with the fam, an at-home-favorite of mine (attending church without them just isn't quite the same). Then we'll head downtown to show em some love as the Colts take on the Cincinnati Bengals and one of my favorite people I love to hate - Chad Ochocinco. I don't know why but he really grates on my nerves in interviews. I have preciously confessed I did watch his entire dating show, The Ultimate Catch, though. Sad.

Looking forward to a great trip to my former home and some quality time with the people I love most. Of course, a chance to break out my fall/winter clothes is pretty exciting as well. I'll try to remember to take pics for once. How many pairs of boots can I fit in a carry on? Hmm...


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bekah brinkley said...

wear your bulkiest pair of shoes on the plane both ways and use the zipper expansion on your carry on. works like a charm for me. there's no way your boots are bulkier than mine because i KNOW my feet are bigger than yours. ;) have fun tetris packing!!

the other B