Monday, November 1, 2010

A painful goodbye.

Well after a long weekend of pain, I will be saying a pain-filled goodbye to my wisdom teeth. I held on to them for 25 years because until now they’d never really given me a reason to hate them. But now that they’re pushing on nerves that are making my jaw, mouth, and ear hurt – I’m having them executed. Fairwell wisdom teeth – it’s been real.

I may be bold and show you all a picture of the aftermath. ; ] We shall see.

But after 3 days without solid food and I’m guessing another 3 after tomorrow’s surgery, I look forward to a big fat burger when this is all said and done.

Prayers and ice cream welcomed over the next few days.



Ashley said...

Yikes! Hope things go well tomorrow! I'll be thinking about ya!

Kelly and Sara said...

haha hope things went well. I was eating the same day I had surgery!