Sunday, November 7, 2010

New Challenge.

As I've shared on the blog previously 2010 has been an incredible year for me. I've focused in on discipline in my life, in several areas. One being my physical health. After being overweight most of my life, a coworker of mine challenged me to a weight loss contest and really lit a fire under me. Thanks to her encouragement (and my love for competition) I'm 3 contests in (winning each), 53 pounds down, and 22 inches smaller (from the 4 areas I monitor).

Now it's my turn to pay it forward...

So starting tomorrow I'm teaming up with 1 of my friends to take on 2 others in a 'biggest loser' style competition that will last 12 weeks. The challenge will be greatest for me, because the smaller I get and the longer my body has to adjust to my new lifestyle the harder (and slower) the pounds (and inches) come off. But I'm not afraid of hard work.

The rules are in place. The prize is set. Here we go...lets see if I can come out the biggest loser, a fourth time.

Here's my before picture for this competition:

And just for before picture from my first competition:

Crazy huh?

Wish me luck - 12 weeks starts tomorrow.



Meghan said...

You look fantastic! Congrats on such an amazing accomplishment - I wish you the best as you begin the new contest!

Tara said...

good luck, girl! you're practically a pro at getting the skinnies!! :)

Mere said...

You look great, good luck on reaching your goal!

Laura said...

Whew Whew!! (That is the sound of me whistling at you in case you weren't sure what whew whew was lol) You look AMAZINGGG! I'm so proud of you and all your hard work! Best of luck for this next contest!

JPO said...

Good for you! You look awesome!

Café Moka said...

Good luck!

(I'm a new reader and I love your blog!)