Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Me with a mouthful of gauze after I changed it the one and only time I had too.

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers this week as I faced my first ever ‘surgery’. Yikes, guess that can’t be my go-to for the game never-have-ever anymore, huh? I’ll have to stick with ‘broken a bone’ I suppose (don’t steal it!). Honestly though, I really felt the prayers, it’s incredible how easy this whole process has been.

The oral surgeon and his staff made me feel comfortable and the Lord gave me an incredible calm that I cannot describe. It was short, sweet, painless, and without event. They pulled my teeth in about 30 seconds a piece. They required no stitches. I was out the door with a mouthful of gauze a few minutes later and after a few hours of TV I was out with friends enjoying fro yo.

I never even had to fill me prescription for the pain meds – I’m finally no longer in any pain. My pre-surgery pain was 100 times what I’m experiencing now and short of being hungry thanks for lack of solid food since Saturday – I feel great! I do look forward to getting all of my strength back. I’m feeling a bit wobbly but I expect that’s pretty normal when you’re malnourished.

Again, thank you to all for prayers and support. I’m happily back to life as usual and soon to be back to food as usual. Yum.

Ps: I got the cutest sweatsuit award at their office yesterday ; ] At least we know my oral surgeons ladies know good taste when they see it.


Tara said...

glad you survived!! i need my wisdom teeth pulled but i am terrified to go through with it!!

Ashley said...

Glad you're doing well! Been thinking about you!