Saturday, June 4, 2011

As life continues to get even crazier for me, one thing I've managed to do well is stay organized. Partly because I've self-diagnosed myself with severe OCD with more obsessive than compulsive behaviors. But also because I refuse to allow my crazy life to get the best of me. I desire to be someone who is disciplined, purposeful, and productive. So with my growing life and schedule, has come even more need for my freakish organizational skills.

I've been carrying my faithful black Coach planner for 5 solid years now (I'm thinking of rewarding myself with a new one this winter) but in 2011 I've added a few new things. The tiny spiral notebook pictured above holds my shopping lists. Sams club, Publix, even clothing needs - they're all listed there until they've been checked off and bought. It keeps them handy, so that I don't have to make extra trips for things I forgot I needed. Cuts down on wasted time and money. Love it.

The tan and brown notebook is my new to-do list notebook. Note: spirals are the way to go for these type lists, as they're not hard to write in or keep open while you're checking off. I work 2-3 days out at all times. As I think of what needs to be done, I put it either on that day, the next, or something 2 days out. This helps me stay on top of dry cleaning, house cleaning, bible study homework, cooking, cards I want to send out, birthday presents that need to be mailed, etc. Also, being able to check things off gives me a sense of accomplishment.

I enjoy having the ability to see what's been done or is coming up to be done later that week at all times, but when a notebook is finished, I toss it. Not reason to hang on to what's been done and checked off. This notebook keeps me both purposeful and productive and reminds me what needs to be done if I have a free 10 minutes. I even keep track of who I owe a phone call this way, and it keeps me from letting weeks go by without calling a friend or family member.

You'd be surprised how much more you accomplish when you have a list. I encourage any of you who feel a little overwelmed lately to give it a try. Takes a little while to get in the groove but I promise you, it's life-changing.



Meghan said...

Hehe! We are very similar in this regard. I have a paper planner that comes with me everywhere and I am very diligent about keeping lists:)

aub said...

Is it sad that I'm scared AND inspired by this?? :)

Kelly Marie said...

I loveee planners!

Neely said...

I still use a paper planner too! Its customized that I got on etsy. I love Chad and my google calendar for our stuff and I make to do lists TOO! I love being organized yay Becca!