Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Summer Time.

Well it's the time again - summer! My favorite season of the year. I've already shared a bit here and there about my summer plans which include a trip to Pittsburgh, PA next weekend, the 4th of July in Scottsburg the following weekend, and less than 2 weeks after that - a trip to St. Louis, MO. I figured it was about time I treated myself to a new carry on, dont't you think?

Well, llbean must have agreed with me because this little number (ok, not so little since I bought the biggest one they make) on sale! I went ahead and had it monogrammed (only an additional 6 bucks) and the shipping with is always free. No minimum or anything. Fabulous.

The boat n tote bag is one of their most popular and had over 150 reviews - in all of which the owners were raving about how much they love them. From the durability to the easy cleaning - there are a win-win say their fans. So, I'm jumping on board with one of my own and I even personalized it.

I can't wait to get it in the mail in the next week - I'll make sure I post a picture of me toting it next time I travel (oh wait, that's next week - yikes).

Moving on - I've already started packing for both of my upcoming trips! Whew. Have to stay ahead of my game these days because there isn't much time to spare in my hecktic schedule. I enjoy traveling for work but I have to say I'm willing these 2 weeks to go quickly so that I can be in Scottsburg with my best friend.

This summer is full of traveling AND 3, count that, 3 weddings! Whew. Don't worry, I've already picked out my dresses for the next 3 months. I'm way ahead of myself.

I hope your summers are going to be just as fun as mine - but maybe with a bit more relaxation than mine is shaping up to involve.



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tara said...

i have that bag in pink! it was given to me as a bridesmaid gift! very cute and durable!