Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Quick Check-in.

As I write this it's before 7am and I'm about to head into the office early, again. It's event weeks loves, and this girl has been one busy beaver. However, I have to say I planned this week with enough fun to keep me sane. I worked Saturday morning, because there just weren't enough hours in last weeks work week to pack 36 boxes for our Pittsburgh event, but I managed to get in a date night with my man that night, which relaxed me after going hard all morning.

Sunday was productive - getting the house clean, beginning packing for my next 2 trips, running a few errands, grabbing some groceries. But I wound it down with a movie night with the roomie and friend. We watched 'Fracture' with Ryan Gosling - it was so good. We'd DVR'd it earlier in the week - and we snack on delish goodies and just relaxed to end the weekend.

I even managed to finish my 17th book of the year poolside on Saturday after work - so the weekend wasn't totally work, there was some play in there as well. Especially going into an intense work week like I knew this one would be, I try to make time to unwind and rest up for the whirlwind.

I came in early and stayed late Monday -finishing up the boxes that will ship out from Tampa this afternoon and beat my to Pittsburgh for this weekends event. But I didn't stay too late to work in a trip to Ulta before a date night with Beks - dinner @ Johnny Rockets & seeing Bridesmaids, the movie.

If you're friends with my on facebook, you may have seen that Thomas, Bekah, and I all bought a groupon for movie tickets last week (maybe 2 weeks ago now?) - 2 tickets for $9. So Bek and I used our deal to see Bridesmaids and while there was some crude humor - we got in some great belly laughing. Much much much needed after a long day.

I will admit I didn't get much reading done last night, by the time I crawled in bed with my book I could barely see straight I as so tired. But I'm up early this morning and headed into the office to crank out a few details before the rest of the crew arrives.

Hope all is well with you guys and I'm sorry I've been a bit more scarce lately. I'm headed to Pittsburgh in 3 days, Scottsburg in 9, and St. Louis in 24! There will be little sleep and much fun in my days to follow.




Kate said...

Woohooo! Pittsburgh is the best...I'm not partial at all. ;) Thanks for the great giveaway swag, I love it! The bronzer is beautiful and the lip shine smells awesome. Thanks again!

Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

Whew! I'm tired just reading this! Have safe travels!

ag. said...

Wow, you sound so busy! Good luck with it all!

PS Love Pittsburgh...it's where I was born!

Neely said...

Didnt you just love bridesmaids!?!?!

Kendra said...

Oh gosh, you are super busy my friend!! I hope the best of travels and safe trip!