Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fourth of July.

Ok, I want to know what you all have going on for the 4th this year - and if you happen to own a boat, I may just be jealous. Actually, I'll be packing my bags up for the 2nd of 3 trips in 4 weeks and headed to Scottsburg, IN.

You may remember what a great time I had there over Christmas with my best friend when her bro-in-law took me four wheelin' late at night (on the ice), we went to a real soda fountain in a drug store, and I even got to meet a few cows. You can read more about that trip here but for a Florida city girl, it was quite an exciting trip. Shortly after (in Feb I believe?) I went ahead and booked a flight on Allegiant Air to spend the 4th of July with my bestie and her sweet, fun families (her's and her husbands - love em both).

Allegiant is one of the best kept secrets in travel - my flight, round trip, was less than $150! Woot. I was so proud of myself. Now, I will be even more proud if I manage to pull off a carry-on only for a 6 day trip. I'm good, but I'm not sure even I am THAT good.

Anywho, I figure if I determine what exactly I need to bring, and don't bring 100 options, I can maybe, possibly, probably pull it off.

Here's my packing small for summer ideas:

- Kindle instead of library books. That way I KNOW I won't run out (which has been known to happen, you know how crazy I am with my reading). This way A. it takes up less room but B. it weights way less than 3-4 novels.

- Staying in the same color family - then I can pack one purse and minimal shoe options (if I don't have to match black and brown outfits).

- Sundresses. They take up WAY less room than a whole outfit AND they're cooler in the hot temps.

- I figure you probably always need at least one pair of jeans or jean capris - so I'm going to wear mine on the way there, that way they don't take up room in my bag, but I still have them if I need them.

So, what are YOUR 4th plans? In town? Out of town? On a boat?




Meghan said...

It sounds like you have a wonderful trip planned! I currently have no plans for the 4th - better get on that!

Kendra said...

Ill be in town, and probably working. Thats the life of retail. You know SO many people will be shopping! ha.