Monday, June 6, 2011

Painting Pottery.

Ok I know I'm a bit of a groupon crazy lately, but after Thomas guessed about 50 times that his surprise (which was actually an Easter basket) was painted pottery I couldn't resist buying a groupon to visit Pottery Bears 'n Beads in Clearwater with my roommate, 'the other Bekah'. We bought them just before I headed to New York and she headed off on a crusie (rough lives, yes?) but we're diligent planners so we'd marked down last Wednesday night as the big day.

So after work we picked up my car which had to go in for a little tune up during the workday, we headed home, got comfortable (changed into sweats), and went for 'ladies night' at the Bears 'n Beads. We bought our groupons for $12 and they were good for $24 of 'goods'. We didn't know just how far that would get us but I have to say, it was impressively reasonable - with a $7.50 studio fee no matter how many pieces you paint (I painted 3), free soda or wine while you paint (on Wednesday nights because it's ladies night), and plenty of pieces under 10 bucks.

I painted a picture frame for Thomas and these lovely salt and pepper shakers...

I can't wait to see them after they've been fired. Were picking them up this coming Wednesday (I'm horrible at waiting).

We had a great time though, and the guy working was delightful. I can't believe I didn't think to ask his name and neither did Bekah. But they gave us coupons for our next trip in, which I hope will be soon. We had a great time and for me, a great first experience painting pottery. I wouldn't say I'm talented or anything, but I do love a good craft night.



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