Friday, June 3, 2011

Dance Lesson Adventures.

Well friends, the dance lessons have the begun. Thomas texted me a month or so ago and mentioned that there was a groupon for dance lessons - 2 private and 1 group for $25. After his cousin Brian's wedding we realized were both equally lost on the dance floor and so he suggested we do something about that before his brother's upcoming wedding in July.

I agreed and we purchased the groupon and I called last week to schedule our private lessons, the first of which was last night. The lessons are at Arthur Murray dance studio here in Tampa.

I wish I'd recorded the conversation I had when I called in. The friendly woman on the other line asked if Thomas and I have danced before. I responded something along the lines of 'if you can call it dancing'. She asked what kinds of dance we're interested in, as if we could name more than 3 kinds between us (and the first one that came to mind for me was 'booty dancing'). I responded, 'let's just say we need all the help we can get just to look comfortable on the dance floor at his brother's wedding'. That drove the point home.

So, our first lesson was last night (Thursday) and I think we may have been equally anxious about it. Thomas asked me what to wear...something I hadn't even thought about until he asked. In hindsight I probably should have worn heels since when we dance at the wedding that's what I will be in, I'm sure. But I wore clothes you'd wear to the gym and he wore jeans.

Thankfully our instructor was incredibly kind and gracious. He was so encouraging of us. I am equally thankful that we weren't nearly as bad as we expected once we were told what to do. It was a 3o minute lesson during which we learned the tango, the rumba, and the fox trot. Not bad for two rookies with 30 minutes, right?

I think we may actually come out of these lessons being able to scoot around the dance floor looking like we belong (though probably not stealing the show anytime soon). We may have to hit up a few of their social nights, where you pay 10 dollars and you can dance with your partner, with their instructors, etc for 3 hours and just get a little practice in (we probably have to learn how to stop counting in our heads and just be able to move more naturally).

Overall, a pleasant first dancing experience. I'm excited we decided to go for it even though it was a bit out of both of our comfort zones. : ]




Heather said...

I tried to take dance lessons before my was a major fail!

I'm glad your experience was better than mine!

Ashley said...

How fun! I took a week long dance class in college, and I absolutely loved it! It was called Dances through the Decades, and we did a lot of different styles of ballroom dancing. We also did a 50s night and a country line dancing night! It was pretty awesome!

Kelly Marie said...

That's SO much fun!!