Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Quick Farewell.

Well, I'm headed out this morning for my 4th of July trip I've been bragging about and looking forward to for months. It's some much needed time away from big cities with some best friend time, small town living, and adventures galore. Don't worry, I've charged my video camera and brought it along for the trip - you won't totally miss out, there may even be some video blogs when I return.

I have decided to leave my laptop at home and I will more than likely stay 'unplugged' as much as possible the next 6 days - other than the occasiona; tweet so you know I'm alive and all. I've had a tough couple of weeks on several levels and I plan to wisely use this time away to clear my head, make some decisions, and maybe even relax for the first time in I can't even remember how long (this much is self-inflicted, I'm a busy body by nature and career).

I finished 3 books on Monday and Tuesday and I'm currently reading:

I've been a bit obsessed with Kelly Cutrone since I was first introduced to her through watching 'The Hills' (I'm also mildly obsessed with Lauren Conrad). I'm drawn to people with an intense passion and drive to succeed, however they choose to define success. Kelly was a small town girl with big ideas and much like myself, often felt like no one believed she'd do half the things she said. Well, I'm not sure my run with success will look anything like hers but I have to say so far, I've managed to quite a few of the things on my dream 'hit list' and I'm just getting warmed up.

I love a go-getter. I love the spark in people who are hungry for more. Too many people define success by money, but if you're doing what you love and acheiving your goals - you are a success in my book.

Kelly vowed as a 16 year old girl to make it to New York City and call it home and she did just that. I love that about her and I admire her spirit, even if I consider her a bit rough around the edges (have you seen her show Kell on Earth?). I vowed as a sophmore in high school to return to Tampa and make it home and I did just that. With a a job offer, 1,000 bucks, and sheer will I found my way back here and in less than 2 years I had a career path, a home of my own, and a life I love. I imagined that would be 'it' - but my dreams just keep getting bigger.

The wheels are turning upstairs friends, and I expect they won't slow down much while I'm away. When I visit NYC in May I came back with a new life plan - so who knows what 6 days in Indiana & Kentucky might do...especially since I sent my running shoes ahead of my in my USPS box of clothes.

I know when you're in your 20s its hard to find the time and money to travel but I always recommend to my friends making it a priority to get out of town from time to time. I've found that leading up to this trip I'm feeling a bit sick and tired of being me. That sounds odd but it's true. To quote the lovely Tom Petty....

'I'm tired of myself and tired of this town'.

Time to get away, clear my head, do non-Becca-like things (like relax) and come back ready to dominate the next chapter. But don't worry, I'm not leaving you totally without - there will be blogs while I'm away, so stay tuned.



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Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

Enjoy your trip! I don't blame you for "unplugging". You need that time every once in a while!