Thursday, June 9, 2011

I'm Melting.

I knew we were in for a brutal Florida summer when I was sweating in March! But it's continued to prove me right with hot, hot, hot days and scarily hot nights. But I actually enjoy the heat as long as I can tough it out poolside with friends. However, the problem I've been facing is makeup related. I shared before that I had the chance to sit down during my on TV makeover, and ask a makeup artist for some makeup advice. I did ask her a few questions about keeping the shine at bay but I had more questions about summer makeup...

Thankfully, I'm not the only one. I read a great article in InStyle magazine about products that won't melt in the heat and I added a few to my current makeup 'hit list'. I love to work the system so I made my whole list of items which included: shine control primer, cheek tint (instead of blush), oil control and matte finished bronzer, etc. So after I got my list made up I hit up with the whole list. This way I got free shipping, 4x the points on my credit card, and 8, count that 8 samples for free with my order.

So a few new things I'm beating the heat with this summer:

I bought this 3 color cheek tint kit, so I can see which color(s) go best with my skintone, and give this whole cheek tint idea a try. I've never used any before and benefit cosmetics are always popular, especially these so I thought they were worth a gamble.

This I've bought before but I was out of it and needed more. I bought the to go size since it lasts a LONG time for me (and I didn't want to spend the money on the full bottle this time). You mist this over your finished face and it holds your make up all day, even in the heat. I love it.

Cosmedicine's Matte and Bronze powder. Two things I love to be - matte and bronze. Enough said.

I bought some mineral powder and one other bronzer to try as well. But you get the idea.

I also browsed a few articles about summer makeup tips and one suggested applying tinted moisturizer (which I love) with a damp sponge. I'd never tried it that was so I've added that to my mental to do list. I frequently do a tinted moisturizer instead of foundation on the weekends, with a hint of blush and a few strokes of mascara.

Another highly recommended producted in InStyle's summer ideas was Burt's Bees tinted chapstick. A product I can't live without since my sister got me hooked on it back at Christmas time.

How do you keep your makeup from melting in the summer? I'm taking all tips and tricks into the database this week because let's be honest, the summer is just beginning for me and it's goign to be a hot one!




Neely said...

I've been using makeup forever it's amazing!

Meghan said...

Thanks for the tips! I need some better make-up for this heat!