Monday, June 27, 2011

Pittsburgh, PA - Round 2.

Well I'm back from my second trip to Pittsburgh and after taking it easy (as easy as I ever take it) yesterday - I'm back up and running. With only 4 days between Pittsburgh and Scottsburg I've got to be on my A game this week. I continue to feel bad that the blog has been sorely lacking in attention as of late. But as we all know, there are just those seasons of life where certain things have to come to top of the priority list for a while, while others fade and so forth.

But here's a few highlights of this past week...

Thomas and I enjoyed a great date night at Fly Bar and Restaurant, a tapas place in downtown Tampa the night before I left for my Pittsburgh adventure. We had a great time and you can read my review of Fly Bar here. We enjoyed a walk around downtown while we were there and partly because with as busy a week as we both had, we were afraid if we sat still too long we'd fall asleep. I love that we've explored and dated all over Tampa from New Tampa, to North Tampa, to Clearwater, to downtown, to St. Pete - we've been all over the place and back.

Don't worry - I remembered to keep up the tradition alive with a Pittsburgh postcard for Thomas and I's collection. We'll actually be adding 2 new ones this week, and another in 3 more weeks from St. Louis. I love having our own special tradition.

After our lovely date night on Thursday it was off to the first of 2 burghs I'll visit this week for our Steelers event....

I got to have a quick catch up chat with Steelers head coach and All Pro Dad spokesmen Mike Tomlin on the morning of the event. He did a great job and it was fun to catch up on what his family is doing and give him the quick run down on ours.

Had to get a shot with the practice field while I was at it. Be jealous of my britney-wanna-be headset and my double nametag usage.

It was a great event though and I enjoyed my time with our team working this weekend - but as always it was good to return home. Tampa has a wonderfully welcoming feel every time I return.

Home for 3 days and then it's on the road again.



Kate said...

JEALOUS!! :) Glad you had a good time in the city of champions. Woop woop Steelers!

Neely said...