Friday, June 17, 2011


My Dad is in the habit of making things he likes that we don't, 'traditions'. He's tricky like that. But I've been thinking recently about traditions and which ones of our family traditions I'd like to keep going with my own family someday and what traditions I want to start.

I mentioned back in January that I'd like to make visiting my best friend over Christmas a new tradition. I'm headed to see her over 4th of July - but for as long as my parents stay in the midwest, I want to spend part of Christmas vacation with her. After that, well I guess we'll have to see how that works, huh?

For this season of my life, traveling is a big part of my life. When I told Thomas about all my upcoming travel I wanted to think of something that I could bring back from all of my trips for him, a new tradition of sorts. I couldn't think of anything wouldn't get excessive after about 5. I couldn't imagine him collecting thimbles or shot glasses...and so, we decided on postcards.

As I travel the US (and who knows, maybe the world someday) I will pick up postcards along the way and write about my travels - places we should visit together someday, things I loved seeing, and if my New York postcards where any indication - probably a little bit about the yummy food I found there as well.

It seems appropriate with this being Father's Day weekend and all to share a little bit about a tradition that was between my Dad and I only growing up. More of you know that my Dad has been a football coach my whole life. But after he made the change from college to the NFL we decided to make a tradition. As he would travel around (and sadly, I couldn't go) he would bring me back a field pass from each new stadium he went too.

We faithfully collected them for YEARS - from Lambeau field in GB (my favorite at the time) to even stadiums that no longer stand - RIP Big Sombrero. I was thinking just the other day I should go back and find these in my bedroom at my parents house.

I have the most precious Daddy in the world - hope you all are making yours feel special this weekend. And who knows, maybe starting some new traditions of your own.



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Neely said...

Awww so sweet! I love me some football!