Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Belated Weekend Recap.

I hope that each of you had a special Memorial Day weekend.  As I shared last week, I spent mine with 3 full days and 2 partial days with my sweet Mom.  I love love love having her down on my turf, which is a treat I've gotten for a long weekend each of the last two years and I hope a tradition in the making.  I love each of my family members and the time we all get together but there's something extra special about getting one-on-one time with them whether it's a date night with my Dad when I'm in Indy or Easter with my sisters in North Carolina.

She was waiting for me at home when I got there after work Friday night.  I had cooked chicken taco chili in the crockpot and made a fruit salad with dip so we ate in and caught up.  After which we did a little shopping for the house for some of our projects and then  I introduced her to my favorite fro yo joint, Yogurtology. I am sad to report that she went with NO TOPPINGS!  Tragic.  We rented a redbox and watched it in bed where we later passed out content to be together.

Saturday morning we woke up, drank whoopie pic coffee and read our bibles and books together.  We took our time getting moving but eventually headed to Bayshore to walk by the water.  My Mom walks way faster than I do so we had a hard time talking as she kept leaving me in the dust, crazy Oprah power walker that she is.  But we enjoyed it.

After which we went bargain hunting at furniture consignment shops, discount stores, etc.  I live for this kind of treasure hunting.  My Mom and my home styles are very different but she seems to appreciate my taste and she at least enjoys that I keep it clean and minimalistic.  So we had a blast working on little projects, shopping for the best deal, and working on my little batch pad.  We did take a late afternoon break for some pool time with books though.

We ended up ordering pizza and picking up giant sonic's for dinner that night and indulging in another redbox in bed where we passed out tired and content from a productive day.  We killed more than half of our to do list for my place on Saturday.  I should pause here to say that my neighbors are amazing and really pitched in when I needed them with their SUVs, tools, and man power.  I am grateful that I absolutely love my neighborhood and my block of neighbors.  We're more than a community, we're a family.

Sunday included church, brunch with long-time friends, more errands, more projects, and finally too much exhaustion to even stay awake for a movie!  The best part?  We still had Monday!  I love long weekends because when you feel like they're supposed to be ending you still have a whole 'nother day.  Mom and I both agreed this weekend was perfect, it felt long enough, for once.

Monday involved MORE projects, shopping, and dinner with Indy friends that just moved here to Tampa and are now practically my neighbors.  They were a welcomed break from snaking drains, replacing towels bars, and going through junk drawers!  They fed us delicious ribs and things.  I'm so excited to have some coaching buddies in my neck of the woods now...I hope this was the first of many meals we'll share together now that they're Tampa dwellers.

I realized this morning that I literally didn't take a single phone and sent less tweets, texts, or facebooks than I have in any weekend before, other than maybe while in Haiti when I didn't have my phone.  I'm working on being more present.  I want to live my life, not text about living it.  And I want the people I spend my time to feel like they're important and I value the time I get with them.  This is a huge step for the girl who receives an average of 25,000 texts a month...but a good step.  A very healthy step.  I'm not sure the number of texts that come in is going down but the ones going out?  That change may have verizon wondering if my phone has been stolen.

Happy Wednesday everyone, this week is already half over! Hope you're making the most of the short week.



Neely said...

So glad you had a good time with your momma!

Amber said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend! I'm so glad your mama was able to come on a long weekend so you had an extra day together.

lil desiqua said...

Sheesh, you get more done in 2 1/2 days than I do in 7! Haha definitely need to pick up on your productivity! But sounds like some great family/friend time!!

Jessica said...

I'm so glad that you had a great weekend with your mom! It's always nice to have mom around and it's even better when you both are amazing friends!