Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dreams Do Come True.

For as long as I can remember I've wanted my own library, in my home.  Something you may not know about me is learning to read did not come easily for me and I struggled through elementary school with reading comprehension.  I have a mild case of dyslexia which went without diagnosis and therefore untreated.  I made it painful for my Mom growing up who would force me to read and I would force to listen to my grumbling.

Finally in middle school my Mom allowed me to start picking my own books and I fell in love with reading.  Turns out the more I read, the better I got at it.  I continued to pick up speed and as you know now, I try'n read 50 books per year.  So for a girl with a hard time reading and bad comprehension scores through elementary school I sky rocketed to getting an A in college English when I was only 16.

I fell in love with reading and it changed my life.  I am not a passionate advocate for literacy and for the literature.  I am my friends cheerleader as many of them join the world of reading goals.  I am a book giver, a book recommend-er, and frequently a book reviewer.

Well, I didn't get my library this weekend BUT I got one giant step closer...I got a reading corner!  I found the perfect lamp for it on clearance but for some reason didn't get it so I'll be making a trip back there today to pick it up and complete it, for now.  But I wanted to show you that I finally have a reading corner, complete with a big comfy chair, a lamp, and a leather box/tote thing to hold the books I'm currently reading (which seems to always be 5-6).

(note: there's not a picture hanging behind it as well that spices up that corner a little better...my mom helped me actually hang things so it looks like someone lives in my house now!)

In addition to getting a reading corner I got a HUGE new assortment of books over the last week and a half.  Here's a few that got added to the Beach Condo Library in the month of May:

                          Thanks to Amber my most generous book exchanging friend for these!

Clearly, I need to step up my reading game.  I finished book 37 of the year this weekend and somehow I'm still drowning in books that have been given to me.  Oh the generosity of those I love.  I may need to live to be 300 to read all the books that interest me, but I guess by then there would be 300 more years worth of reading material. Whew.

If any of you would like to come borrow my reading corner, let me know.  I'm pretty stoked on it!

Hope you all had wonderful holiday weekends.  Memorial Day was extra special to me in light of my recent trip to DC where I learned so much more about the sacrifice of our armed forces.  How blessed we are to live in America!

My weekend with my Mom has been perfect and I'm so sad to take her to the airport this morning... : [



Established: 2008 said...

I've always wanted a library too. I REALLY want one of those ladders that they have in Beauty and the Beast that swings from bookshelf to bookshelf. I'm glad you had a wonderful weekend!

Neely said...

Im on book one of the bridal quartet! I have a reading nook and I love it. Its so nice to have :)

Amber said...

I LOVED reading when I was a kid too. It got to one point where I had read half of the library at school. I just couldn't get enough.

You're totally drowning in books, but I know you can finish them! :)

P.S. My phone died :-/