Saturday, May 5, 2012

Haiti Recap - Part Three.

So, let's talk about the job.  We went to Haiti to build a church and in four days we did just that!  My job? Working a cement mixer...

 And this week really wouldn't have been a fraction as fun, entertaining, possible, or productive without this guy (Casey):

We made quite the cement mixing duo if I do say so myself (note: this must have been early in the day because I'm not covered yet).

It was hard, heavy, labor intensive work but we may have had the most fun of anyone on the project.  In fact, we're already working on our next week one trip with CWE...possibly to Togo (in West Africa) in January.  What can I say, we love to make cement?

This is the church on day one.

Here is the precious pastor with the church on the last day ( I took this before we'd actually finished).

Now, as I write this the week two team is hard at work roofing the building we put together. I can't wait to see it and hear their stories afterwards.  I honestly would have stayed the whole month and worked with every team if I could have.  I told my Dad the day I got back I would have gone on that trip over a week in Hawaii and I meant it.  This trip was unbelievable.

I started a catagory in my budget this week for our next trip.  Casey, AJ (pictured above), and I hope to go on the next one together as well.

I have a few more thoughts to share about the aftermath of my heart from the trip but I wanted to make sure I got some of the details of the trip down for you all first.  Stay tuned as I wade through all the emotions and find words to tell you all the Lord is doing in my heart through what I've seen and experienced.


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Lindsey @ Running Down A Dream said...

Cement mixer?! I love it! I can tell this trip was amazing for you. I'm so glad it was all you hoped and more! xo