Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Real Question.

Now that I'm back, a few weeks removed, and getting back into the groove of life the real question is this: did Haiti change me?  Even if you haven't been thinking about it, I have.  It's easier than people think to have an experience like Haiti was for me, come back, and move on as if it never happened.  It's far too easy to leave Haiti in Haiti.

For me, this was the benefit in journaling.  That I would be purposeful in my remembering what the Lord did in Haiti and in me.  I was determined to come back here and grow.  I went into my trip to Haiti with an open heart, an open mind, and open arms and I came back with the growing desire to make the serving and love of my trip a lifestyle. 

So the answer is yes, Haiti did change me.  I've cut back on my schedule, my to do lists, and my cell phone. I'm spending the first part of my days with the Lord.  I'm praying for the people I love daily.  I'm spending more time with people and less time with my nose in books or my hands scrubbing the house. 

Don't worry, I continue to be a diligent housekeeper, worker, and friend.  But I've taken a giant step back and focused my time on what matters.  Relationships.  My relationship with the Lord.  My relationships with my family members.  Each of my close friendships.  And perhaps most importantly, the people the Lord has put in my life to love.

Another profound change in me since Haiti?  Being willing.  When the call to Haiti came in December I was willing.  That was really the only thing I did right with this trip.  I was just willing.  The Lord did everything else with help from a few key people.  I'm purposing to be more willing and available to do what the Lord tells me.  With this has come the willingness to share what I'm learning.  I shared via facebook last week that the Lord gave me the scripture 1 Peter 3:15 and as a result I spoke in a Haitian church, in my own church last Monday, and this week in our staff meeting about all the Lord is teaching me and showing me.

The Lord changed me.  Haiti changed me.  The people I served with inspired me.  And all of those things are continuing in present day.  My heart is continuing to grow and change.  I am living in a season of willingness and the Lord is blessing me around every corner.  I encourage you, be willing.


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