Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Butt Kicking.

So after getting really off tract for 3 days over the weekend it’s time to really kick my fitness and weight loss back into high gear. How you may ask? I’m glad you did. Two-a-days. Two-a-days aren’t exactly a foreign concept for a girl who grew up on the sidelines of football fields, watching her Daddy coach. There’s a reason that before the players go into their season, they go through two-a-days. They shock your system and they kick your butt…they also get you in optimal shape before the ‘season’.

Season can mean different things for those of us not involved (or no longer involved) in sports. For me I’m entering the healthiest season of my life, or so I hope. I’m also in the middle of event season for work which means a crazier schedule and more physical demand on my body. To me, preparing for that has been crutial, especially with some of my stomach issues I’ve shared with you about before.

I am now in two-a-days mode with weight training and cardio bursts in the mornings and longer cardio workouts in the evenings. I’m also still taking 1 day completely off per week (this is usually Sunday or Monday). My workout schedule is sometimes thrown off when I’m on the road. Not because it has to be, but because I tend to let myself off the hook since the events are so physically demanding for me.

As a little added motivation/incentive/reward for my hard work at 2-a-days I bought myself this little number…

If you want to consider the two-a-day lifestyle for a bit, I’m really enjoying the biggest loser workouts. I do a cardio video and either legs, arms, or abs in the morning and then an hour of cardio after work in the evenings. It’s a good routine for me and I don’t feel like I’m over working the same muscle groups. I also like to do the Biggest Loser boot camp workouts from time-to-time.

The videos are great because you can do them at home, in your living room, and they aren’t time consuming! I for one, do NOT want to get up at 5am to workout. So with the videos are my morning routine I can get up at 6:15, be done before 7, and at work by 8:30. Everyone has to find what works for their schedule and I am no exception. But as someone who’s disciplined but not necessarily a ‘morning person’ this has worked out well for me.


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