Monday, October 18, 2010

Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina...

Whew. Time to unwind after yet another wild weekend. I flew out Friday morning for Charlotte, North Carolina to work our Panthers Father/Kids Experience.

We were blessed with beautiful weather while we were there. Cool in the mornings and evenings – high 70s and sunny during the day. What more could you ask for this time of year? Sadly, not many leaves had changed yet, so we didn’t get much of a taste of ‘fall’ while there but maybe on our Baltimore trip in 2 weeks. I would have loved and extra day or two to enjoy downtown Charlotte and really get a chance to be-bop around.

My Mom grew up in the Carolinas, my parents met there, and both my sisters and bro-in-law currently live there. So the Carolinas certainly have a special place in my heart. My gut feeling is my family (minus me) will all migraite back there eventually. I’m a Florida girl through and through but even I love a weekend in the Carolinas, any time of year. I won’t be too disappointed if I can travel there and see all my family at once some day.

No matter where I go it’s always good to come home! Crawling into my bed after a weekend away is a feeling that is rivaled by few others. After a long week of preparing for the event at work, and preparing my condo to have people over Sunday, I returned late Saturday night. After a day in the kitchen (my whole house smells of sauteed onions) it was great to unwind in front of the Colts on Sunday Night Football with friends last night. I love making memories in my little home and of course I love to eat football food! I’m blessed with great friends…and at the moment about 7 2 liters of diet soda – should be a productive week.

For the record, if I ever had a lot of money my first big purchase would be a maid. Seriously. I’m freakishly obsessed with having a clean home but I don’t particularly like cleaning. So that would solve all my problems. I’m thinking I may ask Santa for a maid for Christmas. Think that would work? I’m not sure if Santa brings people to other people. Hm.

Looking forward to a week in Tampa and playing catch up at life. Seeing friends for lunches and coffees. Hopefully finishing my latest book, ‘Last night at the Chateau Marmont’. Perhaps a couple of bubble baths. Long walks on Bayshore. Hopefully time to write a few overdue notes to friends. Just generally getting caught up on being me.

I hope that I’ll find myself here on the blog a bit this week…I’ve had ideas of what to write swirling in my head this weekend and I want to find time to put some of them down here.

It’s good to be home.


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