Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dove: Self Esteem Weekend.

This weekend is Dove’s Self Esteem weekend. Sadly, there were no public events surrounding this for me to participate in here in Tampa and with the chaos of my current schedule, I wasn’t able to plan one myself. But I love the idea of a self esteem weekend enough that I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to share a message. On Dove’s website they’ve been asking women what they would say to their 13 year old self. What a sweet idea.

I started thinking about myself at 13. We had recently moved to Tampa from Clemson, South Carolina. I was feeling alone. Insecure. Overwelmed. Emotional (what 13 year old girl isn’t?). I was trying to figure out how to deal with all of the feelings I had about being in a strange place and having to start all over, again, with making friends. In a nut shell, I was still trying to figure out how the game of life is played.

Here are some of the thoughts I'd pass on to myself at that young, vulnerable age...

- Your sisters will always be your most loyal confidantes, appreciate them.
- You are strong. You will survive a great many things, including this rough patch.
- You are never alone, not even when you feel abandoned.
- Your life will not turn out the way your expect, it will turn out better.
- Surround yourself with the right people, they make all the differance.
- Be courageous.
- Cherish every moment.
- Be uncompromising in your expectations - good things are always worth the wait.
- Be yourself, the right people will love you.

Want to send your 13 year old self a message or read some advice other women wish they'd been able to tell the younger version of them? Click here.

Dove Self-esteem Weekend is this Friday-Sunday. Consider how to encourage healthy self-esteem in the youth around you and in your peers. Also, I challenge you to think about the advice you'd offer yourself a few years back - and then find a way to pass it on to those who still might need it.



Kelly and Sara said...

I love this and wish they had something in my area also.

Momma Hopes said...

This is great.... I didn't know about it until now. I really needed a self-esteem boost when I was 13...still do!

I also didn't know you were in Tampa! How didn't I know that, :o) I'm in Ellenton!

JPO said...

Great advice! With a middle school step-daughter, I know that this is such a precious/crucial age in the lives of women