Saturday, October 9, 2010


I was a strange child. I know this will surprise few of you. If you know me, not much has changed since then. I am just an odd-ball by nature.

My coworker was telling me yesterday about her granddaughter losing her first tooth. She said her g-daughter couldn’t decide if she was happy or sad about it. I pondered this for a second and then told her the following story about myself as an (odd) child…

My parents had to empose a cap on how many teeth I could lose per week. See, I’ve always liked to make money. I was born to be an entrepreneur if you will. So when I figured out that losing teeth = making money I decided pulling teeth really wasn’t so bad. I pulled 2 the very next day, that weren’t loose by the way. Don’t ask.

Along with having a bit of a strange streak, the doctors figured out while I was still quite young that I have an abnormally high tolerance for pain. Yeah, great combo. So the day after losing a tooth I pulled 2 more that were thankfully baby teeth, but were obviously not ready to be pulled just yet. My Mom had a look of horror as I proudly displayed my 2 more teeth (read: $10 bucks) to her with a mouth full of bloody toilet paper. Oh yeah, she was one proud parent!

After that the rule was you couldn’t pull more than 1 tooth at a time, and they had to be wiggly for a day first. My mom was afraid I would pull all of them out in a week (I was 5, mind you). I will say I was one of the only children I know who had all their teeth pulled before their 10th birthday. Yeah, I was a freak. When other (normal) kids would freak out because a tooth started getting loose I’d always offer to help them yank it. It’s a wonder I had any friends as a child.



The Lucky Mommy said...

hahaha!! I was a strange child as well, so I truly appreciate your story...cracked me up!

Candy said...

oh my gosh, i'm dying laughing. this is sooo you!